News“Kill This Love” & “SOLO” Were Included in the “10 K-Pop Feminist Anthems Perfect for Women’s Day” List by Rolling Stone India

“Kill This Love” & “SOLO” Were Included in the “10 K-Pop Feminist Anthems Perfect for Women’s Day” List by Rolling Stone India

10. “SOLO” by JENNIE

Blackpink’s main rapper Jennie’s debut single “Solo” is a 2018 dance-pop track laced with hip-hop influences. Conceptually, the theme outlines forsaking a relationship built on pretence, lies and insincerity, to seek happiness in solitude and eventually finding solace within oneself. The music video is decadent and high budget, shot in locations varying from luxurious mansions to lively, bustling nightclubs. Additionally, it features the 26 year-old rapper sporting over 20 different looks from couture houses as well as rising labels. “Solo” was responsible for cementing Jennie’s status as one of South Korea’s leading fashion icons in the pop music space. 

Noteworthy lyrics:

Used to be your girl
Now I’m used to being the G.O.A.T.
You’re sittin’ on your feelings
I’m sittin’ on my throne
I ain’t got no time for the troubles in your eyes
This time I’m only lookin’ at me, myself and I

7. “Kill This Love” by BLACKPINK

Much like Beyoncé on our ’10 Most Iconic Feminist Anthems’ list, no contemporary K-pop empowerment anthems list would be complete without atleast a couple of mentions of Blackpink. “Kill This Love” is the lead single of the group’s 2019 EP of the same name. This post-breakup electropop track features elements of trap, along with a recurring blaring military horn instrumental and essentially heralds the end of a toxic relationship that had been detrimental to both the parties involved. The lyrics embody an obsessive push-pull relationship, with the members realizing that the ‘sad’ and bitter reality of the situation was that their love had long run cold and needed to be put to a definitive end if they wanted to survive. The music video is laced with grandiose, complete with references to Greek mythology and Christianity, and features intricate military-inspired ensembles and an actual, on-set background explosion. It visualizes the members hunting down the weaker, vulnerable parts of themselves with an intention to kill, in order to let their stronger, fighter sides reign supreme for surviving the trauma of heartbreak.

Noteworthy lyrics:

What should I do? I can’t stand being so weak
While I force myself to cover my eyes
I need to bring an end to this love

cr. Rolling Stone

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