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In the realm of music, Rolling Stone AU/NZ delved deep into the anthems that have resonated with Aussies and Kiwis for generations and considered artists who have impacted the music scene, from legendary Aussie singer John Farnham to rapper Iggy Azalea and Blackpink‘s Rosé, an artist who represents the success of K-Pop’s crossover into Western […]

What truly binds the industry now is its perfection-honing training system and emphasis on highly conceptual multimedia storytelling. That industry has birthed two of the world’s most influential and bestselling artists today, BTS and Blackpink. #6 BLACKPINK – DDU-DU DDU-DU Since 1996, the YG model has been to pick idols with superstar potential and give […]

Jisoo ‘Flower’ This spring, Jisoo, the only member of Blackpink who had yet to release solo music, dropped “Flower,” from her debut single-album, ME. A sophisticated track with a staccato, Latin-tinged melody and Caribbean-inspired percussion, “Flower” feels instantly familiar yet unlike anything else on the radio at the same time. True to the name of […]

Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rosé showed off impeccable choreography and a catalogue of massive hits. Blackpink just made history at Coachella. The K-pop heavyweights — Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé — performed an almost two-hour-long set of their greatest hits as they closed at a jam-packed second night of Coachella on Saturday. The performance actually […]

#6 BLACKPINK How does a band balance streetwear, glamour, and rock & roll all at the same time? When Blackpink dropped their much-anticipated “Pink Venom” video, not only did they prove it was possible, but they also compressed everything that makes them great into three minutes and 13 seconds: conceptual storytelling, distinct personal styles, and […]

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