👤 Snakehead? Jagalchi? Looks yummy (the two words sound similar).↪️🐰 I’m hungry. 👤 Jisoo~~ so pretty!!! Saving you in my heart!!!!↪️🐰 No you’re going to save it in your gallery! 👤 Please reply my love! If you don’t, I might cry.↪️🐰 My loving BLINK, do not cry. 👤 Where do you learn those memes.↪️🐰 You […]

🐰 Play with me. 🫶🏻 👤 ㅇ↪️🐰 First comment! Hahaha become first comment and then start talking. 🤣🤣 👤 Shoong!!!↪️🐰 Coming to see BLINKs~ 👤 Jisoo recommend a song!↪️🐰 Shoongie recommends Shoong! 👤 It’s difficult to receive a reply.↪️🐰 It’s not easy to receive a reply but what if it brings you that much happiness?! […]

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