NewsBLACKPINK Members Go on Weekly Idol and Prove They Have What It Takes to Be Variety Show Stars

BLACKPINK Members Go on Weekly Idol and Prove They Have What It Takes to Be Variety Show Stars

BLACKPINK’s first ever variety show appearance was a success.

On November 16, BLACKPINK appeared as a guest on MBC every1’s Weekly Idol and showed off its charm.

It was the group’s first variety show appearance since its debut. Members explained why they wanted to appear on the show and said, “We wanted to be on the show because it rocks! We wanted to meet the hosts because Defconn has an unexpected side to him and Jung Hyung-don is cute like a teddy bear.”

Jung Hyung-don and Defconn were astounded to see BLACKPINK outside of the stage and said, “It’s like seeing a real celebrity. It’s unbelievable.”

The members were asked to introduce themselves for a minute, but they were embarrassed. The members revealed their silly side when LISA said that she likes gamjatang and JENNIE said that she likes milk and want to say hello to her dogs.

Then, BLACKPINK members sang “WHISTLE” in a cappella style, but they failed to sing in harmony and made the hosts laugh. They also imitated YANG HYUN SUK’s voice.

When it was time to do “random play dance”, BLACKPINK members showed once again that they are not nearly as perfect as people think they are. The prize was fried chicken and pizza, but JENNIE and ROSÉ made mistakes, and so they failed to win the prize. Instead, Jung Hyung-don hit their heads with a toy hammer.

The “First Profile” segment provided BLACKPINK members a chance to really show off their charms. The members did tricks and acting and even imitated a person locked up in a box.

On the show, BLACKPINK members put down their charisma and became the teenage girls that they are in real life. BLACKPINK members filled the Weekly Idol studio with energy and charm that had remained unrevealed.

Lastly, ROSÉ said, “I really enjoyed doing the show with Jung Hyung-don, who looks like my dad.” JISOO said, “It was fun. I even got to play the drum for the first time in a long time.”

Meanwhile, Weekly Idol airs every Wednesday at 6 PM.

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