InterviewsJENNIE Interview With Vogue Taiwan (March 2023)

JENNIE Interview With Vogue Taiwan (March 2023)

This time, when you came to Berlin on a European tour, you had a cover shoot. For singers, the tour can almost be said to be kind of fate. How to maintain the balance of life while traveling around the world?

I think it is very important to create a comfortable and accustomed environment. So I always carry a lot of luggage with me on every tour, just like moving my whole room abroad. One of the most indispensable is my pillow. I will definitely take my pillow with me when I go abroad.

Is there anything specific to do when you go to a certain city?

I like to go to places where I can feel the unique atmosphere of the city, such as visiting landmarks or walking to the market. During the European tour, I went to the Christmas markets of major cities.

What is the significance of fashion magazine shooting to you?

By shooting fashion magazines, I can discover a lot of new things. In the process of discussing the shooting theme, I will get new inspiration. If I shoot a rare theme, I can also find myself different from the past. When trying new things, it is inevitable to feel strange or worried, but I enjoy the new feeling and meaning in this process.

The stage set specially customized by CHANEL for JENNIE has become the focus of attention. It is said that it was customized after discussion with CHANEL’s artistic director Virginie Viard. Can you share your feelings with us?

‘You and Me’ is a song that interprets lovers dancing in the moonlight. When I was planning the performance of this song, the first thing I thought of was the ballet dress. While designing the ballet costume, I received a customized proposal from CHANEL. Unlike my original idea, I have added a lot of CHANEL’s small ideas, which is really happy. After grasping the general direction, it is more meaningful to integrate into the embellishment of Virginie Viard. I am deeply honored to have such an opportunity.

When performing in the HBO series The Idol, you once said, “I believe it will have a positive impact on my life and music works.” What makes you think so?

“When I experience some new experiences that I have never had before, I will gain a lot of understanding from them. For example, the way of playing against other actors, or the small movements of the limbs, are far from standing on the stage and performing. These are all new experiences for me. For an artist, it is a kind of accumulation of experience.

Not long ago, I saw the after party video of the designer and your good friend Jacquemus. You smiled like a child beside your friend. Can you share with us the good time you spent with your friends recently?

There is a sled field in front of the hotel in Berlin, which is faster than expected and very fun. After returning to South Korea after the tour, I met my friends for a long time and spent the end of the year together, which was a very warm memory in my heart.

JENNIE itself is a trend and kind of a popularity. How do you feel about becoming a leading figure?

It’s a great honor and I’m grateful to be an indicator of others. One day I stumble across the clouds, or the magazines and people I saw passing by, are all my inspiration. Recently, I visited many European cities and saw different buildings and different people, which also gave me great inspiration. Although it is not a new plan, it makes me want to take out the negative camera that has been sealed for a long time.

Busy daily life also consumes physical strength very quickly. How can you help yourself recharge?

I have tried many methods, but they are not as good as ‘good rest’. Put the focus back on yourself and let yourself have a good rest, so that you can gain the strength to move forward again.

It began in 2023 during the busy world tour. You once said that you were an ‘ordinary person’. As an ordinary girl in her 20s, what do you want to do this year?

I was really busy all year last year, I don’t know how I lived. Although work is also important this year, I hope to focus more on myself and the people around me, and I also hope to spend a happy time with the people I like.


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