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🐿️ Hi BLINKs. I miss you so much. How have you been? I wonder if everyone is staying healthy and enduring this hot summer weather. Are you taking care of yourselves BLINKs? I’m excited to be greeting you on this new platform hehe. Let’s communicate more often here. This is some of the many selfies I took during On The Ground promotion!
(Actually, there’s more in the gallery…)
(I guess I really loved my nails at this time he.)
(And lip color as well… hehe.)
Have a good night,


🔒🔑 helloblink

🐿️ What is this feature?

↪️🐿️ I don’t know. I don’t know. I go here, I go there LOL.

↪️🐿️ Whoops.

🐿️ The password is helloblink… I don’t know what it is. I just did it. Hehehehe.

🐿️ Hahahaha. Did you find out?

↪️🐿️ Wow, hehe.

🐿️ I’m gonna make it harder next time… Now I know what this function is for. Hehe.

↪️🐿️ Oh, my god. Breathe.

↪️🐿️That’s right. You’re a genius now like me! Congratulations.

🐿️ Everyone, I’m sleepy now. I’m going to wash my face and go to bed.

🐿️ Bye!

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