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🐰 Nyong’nongan Weverse! Nyong’nongan BLINK! I don’t have a photo so I was worried about what to upload, so I gave you a picture of Lisa‘s love! Thanks Lili. My BLINKs let’s make a lot of memories on Weverse too. 🤍 I love you! 💟

🐰 What should I do next?

↪️🐰 Do I reply back here? It’s hard.

🐰 Where did my reply go?

🐰 I can’t know!

↪️🐰 Yeah, I’m doing great. It’s me.

↪️🐰 I hardly achieved it! LOL

↪️🐰 Is that so?! Is it?!

↪️🐰 It’s not easy because I’m not learning from somebody, I’m figuring it out myself.

🐰 I love you too BLINKs.

🐰 Oh right. The employees told me that there’s a huge picture of me at the convenient store in front of our company! Hahaha.

🐰 Thank you for celebrating our 5th anniversary my BLINKs.

🐰 Anyway I should learn the features haha.

🐰 I think this is the end or is it not..?

🐰 Will that app disappear now? (She’s referring to VLIVE)

🐰 It’s like… can we do a live broadcast?

🐰 I need to study more. It’s not easy.

🐰 I want to change my name and profile picture.

🐰 I don’t even know how to read the comments, so I keep going out and coming in.

🐰 Is it hard for BLINK? The first step is usually the hardest.

🐰 But even if I master my steps, I sometimes fall.

🐰 I’m sure I was right to put it up here.

🐰 It’s like Voldemort who shouldn’t say anything.

🐰 First of all, I celebrate our first Weverse conversation… I have to go now.

🐰 Let’s do this and that the next time when I learn more.

🐰 Have a good night, BLINK. I love you good night.

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