SocialsJENNIE on Weverse (feat. JISOO & ROSÉ)

JENNIE on Weverse (feat. JISOO & ROSÉ)

👤 Princess, do you want to tell me the password~?~? 💕😉
↪️🐻 I want to understand the system too.

🐻 What should I put for the password?

🐻 How do I make the password?

🐻 I’ve tried it once.


🔒🔑 babo

🐻 I accept the challenge.

🐻 I’m giving you the hint here.

🐻 LOL it’s so fun.

🐻 I posted my selca hehe.

🐻 Oh, the hint.

🐻 BLACKPINK’s blood type.

🐻 I know it’s so funny.

🐻 Who got it right~?

🐻 Oh, I’m not supposed to write the hint here?

🐻 Ah, I can post as many comments as I want to?

🐻 I still don’t know, I’m still learning.

👤 Eonni, press the hourglass button, then read the comment with first come, first serve rule!!!
↪️🐻 What’s that?!

🐻 What is the difference?

🐻 It seems that we still need some time to adapt to the comments… it’s hard.

🐻 What’s with the secret post… I wanted to see what Rosie posted too.

🐰 What? This is not a secret room?

🐰 I just came in.

🐿️ Ddoing what is this, I can’t see the post? ㅠㅠ Am I not BLACKPINK?

🐿️ Oh BLINK told me what it is. ㅠㅠ


🐻 Let’s see what is this challenge!
↪️🐰 What is this??
↪️🐿️ What is this? LOL

👤 Chaeng-ah, I can’t comment because it’s first-come-first-serve. ㅠㅠㅠ
↪️🐿 Oing then it’s like there’s no comments? I think I saw it… am I the only one who is seeing it?

cr. BLACKPINK Weverse

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