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JISOO on Weverse (feat. ROSÉ)


🔒🔑 0808

🐰 It’s a secret, no… Actually I was going to post a picture… But I pressed “done” and the post was uploaded… ㅎ

🐿️ Unnie, what is the hint?

🐿️ You have to give them the hint! Hehehehehehe.

🐿️ Found it.

🐿️ As expected, BLINKs are fast.

🐰 Should I give a hint..? No.

🐰 Be tough.

🐰 BLINKs you can do it.

🐰 We grew up in a country where we have to do things by ourselves.

🐰 We, children, are doing it by ourselves.

🐿️ But you still have to give us a hint, unnie! LOL What if i never get it right! But for this one, it is worth it. 😊😊


🔒🔑 syddks

🐰 Did I post it? I don’t remember the password. I just typed it, erased it, and repeat… hehehihi. How did you get the password?

🐰 You’ll never guess it correctly.

🐰 Only the person who knows Chu well can get it right.

🐰 Who’s gonna win ‘Chu-jal-al’ title.

🐿 LOL this is so intense LOL.

🐿 I think I know… wait.

🐰 Let’s meet in our dreams tonight if you get it right.

🐰 Chaeng-ah, sorry… you don’t know…

🐰 You will never guess it…

🐰 LOL I know, I know Chaeng well. ㅠ

🐿 What is it…

🐰 Just in case you stay up all night with false hopes, alright, it’s just for you.

🐰 If you want to know it, contact me since you’re BLACKPINK, so you get a benefit.

🐿 Is it too much that there’s no hint for the password? 😂

🐰 This is so fun, I’m gonna limit a post to the first 100 comments.

🐿 What is that?

🐰 No, it is BLINK’s match.

🐰 I’m thinking about BLINK’s happiness.

🐿 No, I came in because BLINK informed me, but what is that!

🐰 There isn’t any video…?

🐰 You haven’t gotten in yet, it’s a high level psychological warfare.


🐰 Don’t say it out loud, they’ll know.

🐿 LOL they won’t.

🐰 Whisper (Hello?)

(Deleted comment by 🐿)

🐰 LOL maybe that, maybe that’s real.

🐰 Sorry.

🐿 Omo sorry hehehe I deleted it. 😂

🐰 Anyway, BLINK are the best. Next time we’re gonna do…

🐰 …Something that is more difficult.

🐿 Ah, really, this is so funny, give it to me.

🐰 ‘Deleted’ LOL as expected, Chaeng is sloppy but she’s thrifty.

🐰 Then I’ll give it to you this time.

cr. BLACKPINK Weverse

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