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2022 Lunar New Year Message From BLACKPINK

Hello, BLINK! Are you having a happy and warm Lunar New Year holiday? The message from JenChuLiChaeng for the Lunar New Year in 2022 has arrived. 🖤💖 I hope you have enough time to recharge with delicious food, let’s be healthy this year! BLACKPINK and BLINK, let’s be together. 🥰

The weather is cold so eat lots of warm and yummy food. – JISOO

BLINKs Hi! This is BLACKPINK. It’s already the Lunar new year! – JENNIE

In 2022, BLINK and BLACKPINK, let’s always be together! Happy new year~ – ROSÉ

Let’s spend the holiday recharging your energy so that you can spend this year well. – LISA

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