NewsDior’s Big Bet on Trendsetting South Korea as China Stutters

Dior’s Big Bet on Trendsetting South Korea as China Stutters

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The fall show, held on Saturday on the hilly and lush campus of Seoul’s Ewha Womans University, had the firepower of Blackpink star and Dior global ambassador Jisoo (59.7 million Instagram followers), who was wearing black lace and tulle from the collection presented on the runway, with K-pop celebrities, rappers and actors including Bae Suzy, Oh Se-hun, Jung Hae-in and Yeri.

“When I arrived, I fell completely in love with the jacket. I said I would like to stay here like a student, so I decided to dress myself like it,” Chiuri said during a conversation with students on Sunday. “You are a rock star at Ewha,” the university president Eun Mee Kim told her. Meanwhile, before the show, students stopped Dior chairman and CEO Pietro Beccari to take pictures with him. “I have become a sort of celebrity here since Jisoo has put me in the newspaper,” he says with a laugh.

Sitting down with Vogue Business on a university bench between the two shows (around 150 guests for each, with a mix of celebrities and top clients), Beccari said: “We wanted to thank our Korean audience; Korea is one of the countries with the highest growth potential, and it’s also a trendsetting country — we have seen in cinema and the Oscar award they won, with Squid Game, Kpop. Blackpink and BTS are unbelievable.”

Dior’s notable digital leadership (the house leads the winter 2021 update of the Vogue Business Index with its unrivalled cross-channel digital strategy) was clear in Seoul. To leverage the local consumer, the Seoul show was streamed on Korean platforms — Naver and Kakaotalk — with 300,000 views on the day of the show. Out of the 10 top Instagram posts on the Dior Instagram, six are with Jisoo. The historic record on the Dior Instagram last September was a post of Jisoo with 1.1 million likes.

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