NewsBLACKPINK’s Official YGE Artist Page & Facebook Cover Update

BLACKPINK’s Official YGE Artist Page & Facebook Cover Update

BLACKPINK is a rookie girl group who has been created by hard-training of YG. The members’ talent that has been polished by the long-time training and collaboration with YG artists is already recognized.

Debut album [SQUARE ONE] with which BLACKPINK makes their first public appearance boasts the utmost quality, as YG’s best producer TEDDY worked on the album for the past two years. The unique sound differentiated from that of other girl groups well-reveals BLACKPINK’s outstanding talent.

[SQUARE ONE] which displays the black-label quality of YG’s music and BLACKPINK’s unprecedented charms at the same time will mark the beginning of YG’s new girl group that is finally unveiled now.

cr. YGE

Facebook Cover

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