NewsBLACKPINK’s JENNIE Uses Aegyo on Lee Kwangsoo to Convince Him to Rescue Her on “Running Man”

BLACKPINK’s JENNIE Uses Aegyo on Lee Kwangsoo to Convince Him to Rescue Her on “Running Man”

On December 18’s episode of “Running Man,” the four members of hit rookie group BLACKPINK made their first ever guest appearance on the show.

During the episode, Jisoo and Jennie played a game that involved putting drops of hot sauce on a tortilla. When Jennie lost the round, she had to take the penalty of eating the spicy food – which had a killer 21 drops of hot sauce on it!

Kim Jong Kook helpfully suggested that Lee Kwang Soo be Jennie’s knight in shining armor and take the penalty for her, but Lee Kwang Soo seemed reluctant at first. “I could, but…” he said hesitantly, and Jennie held up the bowl with a cute smile.

Lee Kwang Soo started to falter a bit, as his teammates told him not to fall for it. “Jennie, do you like Lee Kwang Soo? You don’t, right?” asked Ji Suk Jin.

Jennie replied that she’d give him an answer if he ate the tortilla. She then used her cutest aegyo on Lee Kwang Soo as she said to him, “Please eat it!”

Of course, Lee Kwang Soo couldn’t say no to that! When he took a bite he clearly suffered a bit from the spiciness, so Jennie grabbed him a water bottle. Ji Suk Jin pressed her to answer the question from before, but Jennie just laughed quietly and went back to her seat, cracking up her groupmates.

Lee Kwang Soo (who was still dealing with the spicy tortilla) was shocked, and Jennie thanked him while bowing. “You’re really great!” she said. As the crew announced they were moving on to the next round, Lee Kwang Soo exclaimed to them alarm, “Is that the end?!”

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