News16 Lines From ROSÉ’s Calm Sleep Story That Are Perfect Reminders for Tough Days

16 Lines From ROSÉ’s Calm Sleep Story That Are Perfect Reminders for Tough Days

The Blackpink performer is the latest star to narrate a bedtime story on the mediation app.

What does your ideal night-time recipe look like? A hot cup of tea? A long bath and a book? Scrolling through TikTok videos of small dogs until your eyes close? While I’m partial to all three, proving to be an even better sleep companion is Calm’s bedtime stories series narrated by famous celebrities with soothing, dulcet tones. Following in the footsteps of Harry Styles, Matthew McConaughey, Bridgerton’s Regé Jean-Page, and many more, K-Pop star Rosé from the band BlackPink is the latest star to read a Sleep Story on the calm app.

While Rosé’s music with BlackPink tends to be geared more towards parties and nights out rather than bedtime, the singer’s delicate and melodic voice is a dreamy antidote to a stressful day. During the 30-minute recording of a story entitled Grounded, the New Zealand-born star focussed on stress relief and dealing with anxiety while also speaking about a dedicated night-time routine and how beneficial that can be for your mental health.

Rosé’s sleep story was made available to listen to on the app on December 7, and the performer shared, “I am so excited to share a Sleep Story on Calm to help others find their own moments of rest and reflection.”

Keep reading to find 16 of the most poignant lines from Rosé’s Sleep Story:

  1. “Embrace the things you love, recognise yourself in the stars that shine above.”
  2. “A rumble in the distance lets you know the storm will pass.”
  3. “Welcome all the gifts that the world outside provides, but everything you ever need you already have inside.”
  4. “You are someone who is loved and have lots of love to share.”
  5. “Take time to remember everything that’s real.”
  6. “Focus all your thoughts on the things that bring you peace.”
  7. “Connect your mind and soul — they’ll tell you where to go.”
  8. “When you find your inner child, your joy will start to bloom.”
  9. “As long as you keep trying, then you can reach your dreams. Trust that what you have inside is stronger than it seems.”
  10. “The light that shines within you is brighter than you know.”
  11. “There will be ups and downs, but flowers find a way to grow through cracks and concrete ground.”
  12. “The weight of self-doubt is not for you to carry.”
  13. “Accept that there are times when you wear a heavy crown, but be thankful for what life gives you even when it slows you down.”
  14. “Step back and reflect, accept and then renew.”
  15. “Acknowledge every thought that interrupts your mind — let them wander off, and to yourself be kind.”
  16. “You carry light within you, this is where you’re meant to be.”

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