MusicBLACKPINK “BORN PINK” Tracklist Poster

BLACKPINK “BORN PINK” Tracklist Poster

Song Descriptions

1. Pink Venom

작사: TEDDY, Danny Chung
작곡: TEDDY, 24, R.Tee, IDO
편곡: 24, R.Tee, IDO

‘Pink Venom’ is a hip-hop song that accentuates BLACKPINK’s powerful charisma. The intro of the song contains powerful beats and Korean traditional instruments that harmonize effortlessly. The sharp rapping and fatal vocal lines that appear on top of everything maximize each of the BLACKPINK member’s characteristics. During the minimal beat drop, the addictive melody of ‘Pink Venom’ will dig into your heart. This immediately expands the song’s emotion line and leads the listeners to a musical climax. ’Pink’ and ‘Venom’, the contrasting image of dark yet beautiful, is alluring. The lyrics sends a very clear message about suppressing the opponent with ease, which aligns with BLACKPINK’s identity. ‘Pink Venom’ offers more than just pleasant musical experience to fans all over the world who have been waiting for BLACKPINK.

2. Shut Down

작사: TEDDY, Danny Chung, Vince
작곡: TEDDY, 24
편곡: 24

They have finally returned in 2022. BLACKPINK will break new ground with their 2nd album’s title track “Shut Down”. The song is a sampling of Paganini’s “La campanella,” through which it maximizes the dark and mysterious aura the original song embodies. The harmony of classical and trendy hip-hop beats leaves a memorable impression, and the addictive melody and witty lyrics come together to offer listeners the kind of excitement only “Shut Down” can.

3. Typa Girl

작사: Bekuh BOOM
작곡: Bekuh BOOM, Dominsuk
편곡: Dominsuk

“Typa Girl” is a pop/hip-hop song with a unique texture of organ arrangement in the beginning contrasting impressively with the drop bit. The brass tone of the chorus is both stimulating and addictive, and will offer a special flavor to the song. The lyrics confidently speak about being everybody’s “Type,” which come together quite nicely with the modern arrangement. The song highlights the potential of a different type of music.

4. Yeah Yeah Yeah

작사: VVN, KUSH, Jisoo, Rosé
작곡: KUSH, R.Tee, VVN, IDO
편곡: R.Tee, KUSH, IDO

“Yeah Yeah Yeah” is a pop song that utilizes the arrangement of retro synthesizer, while its composition has an inclination for 80s music. The lyrics are about the confused yet giddy feeling you get when you fall for someone completely unexpected, and the romantic yet sensible code composition and fresh melodies are quite memorable as well. The surprising drop bit and the outro will be sufficient enough to offer the listeners a pleasant musical experience.

5. Hard to Love

작사: Freddy Wexler, Bianca “Blush” Atterberry, Max Wolfgang, TEDDY
작곡: Freddy Wexler, TEDDY, Bianca “Blush” Atterberry, Max Wolfgang, 24, R.Tee
편곡: 24, R.Tee

“Hard to Love” is a pop/disco song with its intro unfolding to a vintage EP, which contrasts with the powerful beat of the drop bit. The refreshing guitar tone will naturally connect the disco rhythm of the verse with the bridge. The harmony of the fun rhythm and the lead source will maximize the excitement of the listening experience. The lyrics will sympathize with many people by talking about the honest yet complex feeling of wanting to be loved by someone who is both hard to love and trust. The song is packed with BLACKPINK’s rich emotions and is expected to touch the hearts of many.

6. The Happiest Girl

작사: Teddy Sinclair, Willy Sinclair, Paro
작곡: Teddy Sinclair, Willy Sinclair, Paro, 24
편곡: 24, Nohc

“The Happiest Girl” is a ballad song with a lyrical code composition and a grand piano rendition that will warm the hearts of many people. The emotion-packed composition of the melody contrasts with the title of the song. The lyrics are quite memorable as the words speak about the strong will to win happiness even in a situation of missing someone. The song doesn’t step too far from the genre of popular music, but the classical element of the code composition leaves quite an impression.

7. Tally

작사: Nat Dunn, David Phelan, Alex Oriet, Brian Lee, Soraya LaPread
작곡: Nat Dunn, David Phelan, Alex Oriet, Brian Lee, Soraya LaPread, 24
편곡: 24

“Tally” is a pop song with both hip-hop and rock elements, and the crispy guitar tone of the intro is quite memorable. The lyrics send a positive message by discussing the importance and beauty of steadily accomplishing one’s goals in life. The song embodies a free yet chic mood which is perfect for leaving [BORN PINK] on a high note, and offers a deep lingering that is ‘BLACKPINK.’

8. Ready For Love

작곡: TEDDY, VVN, 24, KUSH, Bekuh BOOM
편곡: 24

“Ready For Love” is a pop song with a lyrical code composition and piano tone with a grand sense of space. The refreshing drop of the chorus is quite memorable as it breaks the static flow of the song. The members’ flexible vocals that flow naturally over the minimal arrangement make a nice contrast with the powerful arrangement of the chorus. The lyrics talk about never giving up for someone you love and having a firm yet easygoing and beautiful mindset.

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