InterviewsW Korea Interview With ROSÉ (December 2023)

W Korea Interview With ROSÉ (December 2023)

As another year draws to a close, Rose rewound and reflected on this year. There were memorable times, such as the second world tour, Born Pink, that successfully finished in 34 cities around the world and beginning the new K-pop journey as Coachella headliner. A year of proving oneself and a year of listening to the inner voice. Her 2023 will be remembered with these sentences.

Today, you took photographs with Hank. All staff hoped Hank would “choose” them, but no one seemed to be successful.

(Laughs) Hank is such a lovely boy. If he were a human, his MBTI type would be INTP.

Could you share any moments where Hank comforted you a lot?

Hank always comforts me. He makes my life joyful, fulfilling, and happy. Whenever I am with him, I feel like everything will be alright. Hank also tries to protect me all the time. When we go out, Hank always chases me around to find comfort in me, but when we are at home, he tries to protect me and our house.

Today, you wore Saint Laurent’s spring collection. It’s a bit early, but I couldn’t wait for the next spring as I watched you shoot.

I think so, too. There are so many clothes I want to wear when it gets warmer. Today, I tried on many mini dresses today, and I thought, ‘This is exactly what I wanted for Saint Laurent.’ I think there is something powerful about Saint Laurent’s dresses and clothes. Since they have a clear statement, they look even more stylish when you relax and be more natural.

How would you define “Saint Laurent Girl?”

I think Saint Laurant Girl is someone who has clear opinions and always has reasons to confidently persuade others by following their own heart.

I remember Anthony Vaccarello expressing how women who love Saint Laurent are commonly “confident, empowered, and independent.”

I agree with him. Saint Laurent Girl is a person who listens to her inner voice. When some else says something that she doesn’t agree with, she would stand up and express her opinion. She would also have the confidence to persuade others by delivering her opinions without being aggressive.

Is there any trait that you share with Saint Laurent’s creative director, Anthony Vaccarello?

Yes, we do share similar traits. Actually, we didn’t get close to each other instantly, but we slowly got closer by spending time together. The more I got to know him, the more I learned that he is a thoughtful, careful, and smart person. I often get a bit nervous around a new person, and it takes me a while to feel comfortable. When you see Anthony from a distance, he has an aura of boss and leader. But when you observe him in a close distance, he is very careful person. Anthony is a soft person but his softness shows his deep heart and empathy rather than his weakness.

Since this magazine cover marks the last volume of this year’s , let’s talk about time. Did 2023 go fast or slow for you?

I feel like 2023 is going so fast because Christmas is just around the corner! I am sure it’s the same for everyone, but I was excited and a little nervous at the beginning of the year. Maybe it was because I learned more or because I had concerns at that time. Now that I am in the end of the year, I wonder why I felt so nervous at that time. Time flew so fast, and everything went smoothly without any health issues. This year, I finally realized that I don’t have to be anxious for no reason.

It seems that 2023 has gone faster for you because “Born Pink” world tour has lasted about a year since October 2022.

Maybe. “Born Pink” was the most thankful event that happened to me this year. The world tour kept me busy, but I could spend this year more stably thanks to the tour.

What made you feel more stable?

The feeling of meeting BLINK (fandom name) every week and showing my best performance for our fans made me feel more stable. I think that’s the best feeling you can get as a singer.

What was something that you got through “Born Pink”?

On the first world tour, I went through some difficulties because every moment felt so new to me. But “Born Pink” was my second world tour, and I thought, ‘if I face the past difficulties to learn and overcome, I can make this tour a precious memory.’ Eventually, I am the one who makes good memories. “Born Pink” clearly taught me that I may be a slow starter, but I can change it into a helpful lesson any time by experiencing and learning.

So, “Born Pink” helped you build self-confidence.

I hope so. I will wait and see.

Was there any moment you felt you had jumped up through your second world tour?

Strangely, “Born Pink” has been a continuous process of rediscovering and studying myself. In the beginning of the world tour, I immersed myself in thinking about what makes me feel comfortable on stage since I had expectations for myself. Then, by the end of the world tour, I realized that I should pay attention to the audience rather than myself. Because I was concerned about how to perform better, I focused only to myself. I learned that doing the opposite was the answer. I gained more energy when I looked around others instead of myself, and I could truly show myself on stage. Once I realized that, I enjoyed the stage even more.

“Born Pink” broke new records by touring 34 cities, holding 66 concerts, and drawing 1.8 million fans. I wonder what someone who has achieved these amazing records could aim for next.

As BLACKPINK, there were so many things to be grateful for, but I was a bit pressured in the beginning. Now, I am slowly realizing that I should focus and carefully listen to what we believe, what we want to do, and our inner voice. We received so much love when we tried to break the frame and bring up music and image we truly wanted. Whenever BLACKPINK breaks a new record, I get more confident that we should believe and push toward what we want to do.

Is there any personal history that you want to write as a musician, regardless of numbers and achievements?

When people who love our music now look back in the past after 10 years and 20 years and think, ‘I am glad that I loved Rose,’ there’s nothing more I can ask for.

What word best describes yourself in 2023?

Proof. 2023 was the year that I proved myself. At the beginning of the year, I was doubtful whether I could make good decisions responsibly and independently as a 26-year-old adult. Looking back, I think I came through in the end. I do have to ask others to see whether I proved myself to others, too, but at least I proved to myself and showed that I am a person who can listen to my own voice.

What was the most fascinating event of this year?

I must say Coachella was the most fascinating one. I couldn’t believe it when I first heard the news that BLACKPINK would be Coachella headliner. I was so excited but nervous at the same time. Just a minute before the stage, I suddenly felt like crying. That never happened to me before. As I went up to the stage, I thought, ‘I need to pull myself together. I can’t hold back tears. What should I do?’ After standing on the stage, I realized that it was really happening to me.

2023 is the present, shaped by past events. What were the most influential events in your childhood?

When I was a child, I spent a lot of time exploring things I liked and felt comfortable with. So, it was natural for me to have time to explore myself. I started playing piano just because our family had it at home, and I enjoyed playing it a lot. That’s why I enjoyed music until now. It would have been different if I started piano with a dream of playing the piano well. Music has been something that I have enjoyed the most since childhood. Now that I have become a musician, this attitude still affects me.

It’s been a long time since you released your debut single album, R, in 2021. Could you share what your next story will be about?

Well, I don’t want to confine the story of my next album. I still have many thoughts about my next solo album, but on the other hand, I am a bit excited. As I worked on the first solo album, I could find what I really wanted to say and I could explore myself. So, I want to make my next album by recording every moment honestly. I think it’s more exciting to leave it open.

What are your plans for spending a special last day of 2023?

I usually spend the last day of the year with my family. I think I will be with my family, unless I have a special schedule. Oh, I just made a plan for that day. Don’t be too nervous like last year, and don’t worry about the year ahead. Last year, I only looked ahead instead of looking back. So, it would be nice to take some time to look back on this year.

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