InterviewsJISOO Interview With Marie Claire Korea (January 2023)

JISOO Interview With Marie Claire Korea (January 2023)

You’re here with us as Christian Dior Beauty Ambassador. You’re an irreplaceable “Human Dior” Dior’s Icon. Do you feel the contact point between brand identity and your sincerity?

I feel like Dior fits me well in that it’s not a static brand. Rather than expressing it predictably
depending on the look, it fits well in that it adds an unbalanced style or has a unique makeup. I always think about what I want to try and challenge rather than what I’m used to. Whenever I work with Dior I gain synergy.

With the 2nd full-length album, you are the first Korean girl group to reach the top of the Billboard 200 and also topped the UK official album chart Top 100. I wonder how getting these new amazing records every time gives confidence to the artist themselves.

I think this record is not just for BLACKPINK, but shared with fans. It gives us great happiness to see our fans more happy and cheering for these records than us. I feel like giving back to them.

Does it feel like I’m bringing a certificate? How is it?

It’s worthwhile (laughs).

Big achievements don’t weigh on your mind and your actions?

That’s a very rare case. I’m not a discouraged and disappointed person when I compare
previous records. Rather than focusing on the results, I hope we can show what we want to do and enjoy with our fans.

You’re determined not to compare your past self with your present self, right?

I’m a person who lives in the present. In the past, I was thinking, “Oh, what would it have been like if I did this?” But since, I realized that I didn’t have to dwell on the past too much, I don’t think I regret or reflect on the past. And I don’t worry too much about the future ahead. I just say, “Let’s focus on now, let’s leave this to tomorrow’s me.”

Natural optimism and positive energy seem to make Jisoo a stronger person.

I look at the world’s rules realistically, and maybe that’s why I always act calmly. I wasn’t that nervous on exam days, on the evaluation days as a trainee, or even on the stage at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. I think I’m always controlling my mind. Rather than feeling excited and nervous, I check what I have to do in that situation and organize and calculate the parts that I’m confused with or high notes I have to be careful with, I’m scanning through the stage. I think it’s positive to do mind-controlling like this way. (laughs)

You have to face new challenges every moment. The willingness to take on the challenge stems from the belief in oneself to do it. How did you build your faith in yourself?

Rather than having vague beliefs, it’s more like having no fear of failure. It also leads to not sticking to the past, but I think I grew up like that since I was young. I’ve heard a lot of people say, “Do what you want to do” when I challenge something, and I’ve never heard criticism about when I failed because I did what I wanted to do. I always think, oh this could happen and just move on. As a result, even when I take on challenges that I’ve never done before, I have an exclamation mark that says, “I can try it!” rather than a question mark that says, “Will it be okay?” So I think it’s a process of learning even if the results are not good, and I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed. Everyone has their first time. I don’t think you need to be afraid of what you do for the first time.

At this moment, Jisoo looks like a very big person.

I think the reason why I am shy and embarrassed when I fail is because I think everyone is
looking at me. But people don’t seem to be interested in others as much as I thought. Of course, those who are interested will watch me, but not everyone in the world watches me, and my little failures don’t affect the world.

I thought you were a pretty rabbit, but I met a tiger. A modest and bold tiger. (laughs)

I’m a rabbit, but the picture is a tiger. (laughs)

What is the aspect of trying to protect and hold onto yourself even in the midst of change?

I think I’m trying not to lose who I am right now. Change is doing a big job, but I’m not afraid of change and I’m trying to be a person who achieves it independently. Things change every moment, but you can’t stay in one place. I think I try to control my mind so that I can respond flexibly and fluidly. Nevertheless, the most important things are my happiness, the happiness of the members, and the happiness of my family. I won’t forget this. When I go on stage, I try to keep this in my mind that “I want to leave good memories for those who came to this concert today and those who are with me.”

What’s your small goal for 2023?

I want to read more books in 2023. I read a lot of books when I relieve stress. Time flies when you read books. I like the feeling of spending time immersed in something. If you’re busy and tired, you don’t reach for books. I feel like I’m missing something important, so I’m trying to regain my hobby this year.

There are times when you get comforted by the isolation of the words.

That’s right. By the time I close the book, the day has already passed. Then I feel like I’ve been to another time.

The means of immersion can be movies or dramas, but it’s refreshing that it’s a book.

I can’t concentrate well on dramas or movies. As I watch it, I’m in a hurry because I wonder
what will happen next. I’m curious about the next story, so I’m holding a cell phone in one hand and looking for the ending. I’m also looking at other people’s interpretations. I’m like “Oh, this is the scene. It’s coming out now.” And then I watch it again. I watched a movie like that 30 times. (laughs). I enjoy the comfort of knowing and the familiar stroy. I’m so nervous about not knowing. (laughs)

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