InterviewsHarper’s Bazaar Korea Interview With JISOO (December 2021)

Harper’s Bazaar Korea Interview With JISOO (December 2021)

After you finished reading the script for “Snowdrop”, what did you first feel?

I received the script before the audition, and the character Youngro I played was very attractive. Even though she just turned 20 years old, I think the power to attract the person she has in her youth was also delivered to me. And I thought it was really cool to see her gradually growing up.

What kind of experience was filming this drama for you? It’s the first work that you
participated in as the main character.

I spent a long time with many people while participating in this work. Through this drama, it was an opportunity to take a closer look at myself.

I can feel your sincerity toward the character Youngro. What kind of mindset did you have
when acting?

I tried to focus on expressing Youngro’s righteous and good side. The stories I talked about
Youngro with the director also helped a lot. The director wanted Youngro’s bubbly charm and
consideration for others to be seen well. I tried to be Youngro, think like Youngro, and act like
Youngro. Youngro is still young enough to need trial and error. I think I acted with the hope that people would take care of Youngro and understand her.

What do you think is the similarity between Youngro and Jisoo? I think there must be a point where you felt liberated while playing this character. As you said, she’s a very righteous person.

Youngro is a person who delivers bright energy among people and tries to make everyone have fun. I think the effort between people is similar to mine. And attracting everyone to go together without giving up, I think this is something I should learn.

As it was pre-produced, it’s been quite a while since the filming was over. Nevertheless, I think there will be a scene in the drama that remains in your head so far.

In fact, the last scene of the last episode is the most memorable. This is a secret, so I can’t tell you right now. (Laughs) Please check it out later while watching the last episode.

You participated in this drama while working as BLACKPINK. Wasn’t it hard to be immersed in the drama?

Youngro and Jisoo’s world of living was so different that there was no confusion at all. In addition, from the moment I arrived at the drama set, everyone treated me as Youngro, not Jisoo. Thanks to this, I was so grateful to all the staff for being able to fully focus on Youngro.

From debuting as a singer at a young age to challenging such a new genre. What is the ‘center’ that supports you without shaking?

Above all, I think the most important thing is not to lose ‘me’. If you don’t lose yourself, you won’t be shaken by anything difficult. And I believe that I can take better care of the people around me only when I am strong. Since our debut, we’ve been receiving a lot of love. I think I should be more alert to repay that love.

What do you think is Jisoo’s strength as an actor?

The advice that many people gave during the shoot gave me a lot of strength. The process of learning something was a pleasant experience for me. That’s why I always smiled while filming. I think my biggest strength is not to give up, not to be frustrated, and to smile and work hard.

Throughout the filming, I heard that the support of BLACKPINK members also gave you a lot of strength.

The members said they would definitely watch it live. They ‘always’ cheered for me because they contacted me so often even during the shoot. Since the members were so curious, I gained strength and worked even harder.

How do you plan to watch the first episode? It’s actress Jisoo’s first step.

Actually, I’m not confident to watch it with anyone. I want to watch it alone at home, but I don’t know what will happen. I think I can barely see it through a very small gap between my fingers with my eyes covered.

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