InterviewsDAZED Korea Interview With ROSÉ (March 2022)

DAZED Korea Interview With ROSÉ (March 2022)

Rosé‘s song scratches our hearts like a piece of poetry. Nearly a year has passed since Rosé’s single album was released. The title song “On The Ground” quickly entered the Billboard Hot 100 and recorded more than 500,000 cumulative sales at once. Thus, the various modifiers we’ve used to describe BLACKPINK’s Rosé has become a fait accompli without exaggeration. And Rosé’s color gradually deepened in our memories as if water permeated.

She was able to come this far because she firmly kept the center of ‘Rosé’. Her song, which we just easily evaluate as having a good tone, was the result of the process of constantly asking herself and realizing what kind of mindset, attitude, attire, and character Rosé should be whenever she sang a verse or a word. At the same time, it was a feat that time and process accumulated step by step based on her experience. Even in the way she sang, her own independent attitude constantly induced the modifier ‘uncommon’. Her tone becomes an image like a verse from a poem, and is clearly imprinted on our brains. Once heard, her voice, which can never be forgotten, shakes our five senses.

We can’t leave out stories about her fashion. The Paris Collection held in September last year was even called as “BLACKPINK week”, and this has strengthened their status even more. In Saint Laurent’s global campaign filmed by David Sims, Rosé’s long hair half covered her face, but her extraordinary aura could not be covered by her hair. Also, she attended the 2021 Met Gala with Anthony Vaccarello and became a hot topic in a row. She often gets along with him and sometimes talks about work, life, and the value of love together. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the fashion created by Rosé, Saint Laurent, and Anthony Vaccarello goes beyond simply dressing and becomes an attitude, and beyond that, creates a fashion scene that everyone wants.

It is fun to see Rosé often as we have filmed with Rosé the most among members of BLACKPINK. This is not just humanity. It is such a blessing to be able to follow her with our own eyes and melt into the process in the rhythm of familiarity and change.

Happy birthday. Yesterday was your birthday, right? How was your day?

My family and close friends congratulated me.

That’s great. What are you interested in these days? Recently, I saw you holding a skateboard on your IG.

Sometimes I just come up with random ideas while staying still. It’s funny when I think about it, but one day I imagined myself riding a skateboard while sleeping. Then I got up and decided to learn. And I think luck follows everything. Because even if you look around to learn something new, sometimes it doesn’t work out as you thought. But at that time, the whole process worked out so well. I felt so good when I fell over for the first time. I guess I was waiting for that moment. I wondered when I would fall, and then I thought, “Okay, this is it”.

Did you learn the guitar that way too?

I think so. At that time, YouTube was very popular. So when I watched videos of musicians play the guitar, I thought they were so cool and wanted to become a guitarist. The more I learned how to play the guitar, the better I wanted to do. I just knew I would play the guitar for a long time. After that, I told my dad that I would spend all my pocket money for a guitar that sounds good, and he bought me one. I’m still using that guitar.

Rosé’s unique voice color has always been mentioned since your debut. What area do you
want to broaden as a musician?

There’s something I realized recently. ‘Singing is also a performance. I am a person who has to sing with the emotions of a specific character.’ It would be nice if I could only focus on singing, but I have to look at the camera, and many fancy things happen at the same time including hair, makeup, and styling. I also want to be someone who freely expresses the moment anytime, anywhere. I wasn’t able to do this before. In the future, I want to be someone who can deliver their feeling well. Some songs have difficult beats or notes that don’t match me perfectly, but I want to be a singer who can sing more songs in any situation by expanding my limits.

You successfully finished your solo album, and in that process, I feel that the color of Rosé became even clearer. It’s already been a year since then, and I want to hear about some stories or TMI about “R“.

I stood in front of the camera every day during the preparation for photos to put in my album. For 2 to 3 months. I told the photographer that I don’t know exactly when and where I’ll use it, but I want to gather as much photos of myself. Then the photographer waited by our side every day and began to take pictures of every schedule of me. I also suggested that black and white photos with a rough rock n’ roll vibe would be good. One day, I was looking at the photos and I suddenly wanted to do a collage. I remember these things were popular when I was young. That’s how this album was made.

In the last DAZED interview, you said you wanted to be a free person. How free is Rosé now?

What’s interesting is, have I been free since then? (laughs) I started thinking more about that
recently. I think I’m looking at each day differently for the first time. Lately, I’ve been trying to look at the small things differently. I’ve also been looking at myself more generously for the first time.

Was there a reason?

(smiles) I guess it’s because I’m 25 years old now. Until then, I think I’ve only looked at what I’m doing now, what I’m going to do tomorrow, and things I have to do well.

From a girl who used to like to play the guitar and sing in Australia, she is now the main
character of K-pop and also an advertising model that can be seen anywhere. What did Rosé get from this process?

I’m surprised to do things that we’ve never imagine to do. I think we’re doing this thanks to many people’s support and interest. We want to meet and communicate with people who love us in person to express our gratitude, but it’s sad that we can’t due to the situation.

At the same time, is there anything you don’t want to miss?

We are used to running while watching the next thing because our pace of life is so fast. I keep forgetting the present as I’m busy thinking about what I should do next, and what I should do better. So from now on, I’m going to focus on things that makes me happy at the moment. I don’t want to miss any single moments.

What is the small happiness of the day for Rosé?

I think about that a lot these days. In the past, small things often didn’t catch my eyes. But these days, even if it’s trivial, I think I’m happy when I smile because of it. Whenever I laugh, I think, “I just laughed, I must be happy now.” I think it’s a small but certain happiness to have a happy day and a happy week by accumulating those thoughts. I want to be a good person for myself.

Last year on “Sea of Hope”, it was fascinating to hear Rosé’s song as much as I wanted. Also it was seeing Rosé on a quiet everyday-style program instead of a stage of music show. How was your time back then?

It was a honor to be able to sing on the same platform as prominent musicians through a TV program, and I hope there will be such opportunities in the future. Should I say it was like a
challenge? Since I don’t have that much experience, I learned a lot and I felt like I was improving every time I performed there.

You watched the Saint Laurent collection in person. How did Saint Laurent’s 2022 summer collection impress you?

I got goosebumps. An incredibly cool look appeared one after another. The music, runway sets, and costumes were all fascinating. When I tried on the clothes I saw in the collection, I was like, ‘What’s this fit? I can’t believe it!’ It’s not just cool to look at, but I can’t forget the satisfaction of wearing it. If I have to choose the best one, I can’t. What I wanted to wear the most when I watched the show was a red and black patchwork jacket dress, and it was so nice to wear it today.

You can only know the feeling of Saint Laurent by wearing it yourself.

I feel great because it feels different every time I wear it. It’s fun to feel like my ego has become ‘Saint Laurent’. I’m lucky to be able to work together, and I’m going to live with gratitude for the rest of my life.

Last September, you attended Met Gala, New York. How was it being with Anthony Vaccarello at that moment? Is there any memorable episode?

I took several selfies while driving with Anthony to attend Met Gala. It was so natural to talk about this and that. Since I usually meet Anthony in fancy places, it was fun to take pictures together on the way to Met Gala.

The picture of you visiting Anthony Vaccarello’s house in LA was also a hot topic. I think you two have become best friends beyond muse.

Since I knew he was a good person, my respect for him has grown. I thought I should become a great creator like Anthony as I saw him trying to know more about me. When I meet him, I talk about my life without hesitation. He seems like a close friend who gives me good advice.

What kind of situation do you want to recommend today’s outfit to BLINKs?

| think Saint Laurent can be worn anytime, anywhere. I think it’s the confidence that a person
wearing Saint Laurent can have. It will be cool not only for fancy parties or dinner appointments with friends, but also for shopping or eating tteokbokki. Isn’t that Saint Laurent’s magic?

What is the goal Rosé has planned for the start of 2022?

My goal is to live a happy day, month, and year, being thankful at even the small things.

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