InterviewsBLACKPINK Surprised to Be No.1 on Music Charts Last Year, Want to Let People Better Know Each Member This Year

BLACKPINK Surprised to Be No.1 on Music Charts Last Year, Want to Let People Better Know Each Member This Year

Girl group BLACKPINK (JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA) is one of the best rookie idol groups who debuted in 2016. The team is recognized as a girl group with great talent, visual, and potential. However, BLACKPINK is not satisfied with such evaluations, but have a bigger goal of making more people better know each member this year.

BLACKPINK received the rookie of the year award from the “26th High1 Seoul Music Awards”(hosted by Sports Seoul, organized by the Organizing Committee of Seoul Music Awards) that was held on January 19 at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul, in celebration of the Visit Korea Year. More than 6,000 music fans from in and out of the country were at the music awards. Rookie award is all the more meaningful for idol singers, as they can receive the award only once in their life times.

The members at the festival could not hide their excitement and made a resolution for this year. When asked about last year, JISOO said, “We made debut last year. I feel like I’m getting a reward for the long time of practice. It was a very special year. This year, we’ll work harder.” ROSÉ said, “I was so thankful for the unexpectedly great love we received. I think we got this opportunity to do what we love for many people. I am resolved to work harder this year.”

BLACKPINK swept music charts with debut song “BOOMBAYAH” and “WHISTLE”. They continued to create hit with “PLAYING WITH FIRE” and “STAY” in the second single. Then, what would have been the most memorable moment for the members? They said it was when they took No.1 on charts for the first time and when they received the rookie award.

“The best moment for me last year was when we took No.1 for the first time.” (JISOO)

“When we released our first album, no one had that much anticipation for us, so we were waiting to see if anyone would like our songs. When we took No.1, we could not believe it. It was kind of surprising that people recognize us and listen to our songs. The No.1 was all the more meaningful as we took one step higher and then next step, not just taking the top place at once. When we took No.1, we shouted and even danced.” (JENNIE)

“The best moment for us was when we got the rookie award. I thank all the people who have helped us so far. I was happy because of the people who always helped us behind the scenes.” (ROSÉ)

The members also talked about their new year’s resolution for 2017. JISOO said, “I hope we can draw bigger attention. Hope that more people from wider age groups would like us.” LISA said, “I want to be recognized by more people. I also want to present good performances for every song we release.” JENNIE said, “We will do our best to make each of us can get a bigger recognition by presenting us in more diverse channels including album release and broadcasting.”

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