Behind the ScenesEntertainment Special: Behind the Scenes of BLACKPINK’s “WHISTLE” M/V

Entertainment Special: Behind the Scenes of BLACKPINK’s “WHISTLE” M/V

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BLACKPINK has finally made their debut. The long-awaited debut of YG’s new girl group took place on August 8 with the release of a debut single album titled “SQUARE ONE”.

Currently, one of the title songs of the album, “WHISTLE”, is no.1 on the charts of Korea’s seven major music streaming websites as well as on the iTunes albums chart. Let us take you to behind the scenes of the “WHISTLE” music video.

As “WHISTLE” is the first song that BLACKPINK ever recorded and the first music video the group ever filmed, it bears great significance to the members.

The “WHISTLE” music video’s unique and sensual scenes are quite an eye-catcher. Naver’s Entertainment Special will take you behind the scenes of BLACKPINK’s first music video shoot. Let’s go!

A lot of mystical computer graphic effects have been used in the “WHISTLE” music video.

To shoot the scene where they go up gracefully, ROSÉ and JISOO had to be attached to wires. ROSÉ was the first to go. She was not afraid and did what she had to do without showing any signs of discomfort. After shooting the scene, she shouted out loud, “I feel so happy!”

Then, it was JISOO’s turn. Before shooting the scene, she seemed to be worried because she’s scared of heights. But when the shooting began, she did the scene perfectly. Let’s give a big hand to JISOO for being so brave!

JENNIE had to shoot a scene with her on a horse. She went up on the horse on her first try and surprised the staff. The truth is she learned how to ride a horse when she was a child and she had been looking forward to shooting the scene.

This is LISA shooting her part in the music video. Isn’t she lovely fiddling about with the game controller? She looks cute now, but when the shooting begins, she switches her mode and becomes charismatic.

This is LISA monitoring after shooting her part. It was hard to believe that it was her first time shooting a music video, and thorough monitoring must be the secret!

This is BLACKPINK under a chandelier. This scene was also used in the poster. Although, they were not wearing heels, their legs look fabulously long!

JISOO’s face looks perfect from either side. The staff could not take their eyes off the monitoring screen while shooting this scene.

When JENNIE was shooting this scene, suddenly it started to rain. But, the shooting had to go on and everyone had become wet. After the shoot was done, they were glad that scene turned out so great and that they didn’t get wet for nothing.

The shooting continued all through the night, and ROSÉ went around cheering and thanking everyone by saying, “Sorry that you have to stay up all night for this and thank you.” The shooting went on for hours, but she didn’t frown for one second and worked hard all the way through. It was really thoughtful of her to thank the staff too.

What’s that green ball that LISA is sitting on? CG effects were used to make the green ball look like the earth in the music video. The scene in the music video in which members sit on the earth is quite impressive, and this is how they shot the scene.

This is how they shot the scene with all the members in a car. The car kept going round and round, so some members got car sick! Check out the part where JENNIE makes a heart with her fingers!

Here is the behind-the-scenes video and the music video of “WHISTLE”.

Hope you enjoyed it, because we will also bring you the behind-the-scene story of BLACKPINK’s “BOOMBAYAH” soon. Don’t forget to check it out!


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