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Welcome Message From JISOO

💌 Introducing BLACKPINK’s JISOO to you!

⭐ Name: JISOO
⭐ Date of birth: January 3, 1995
⭐ Blood type: A
⭐ Nickname: Chichi
⭐ To Weverse Fans: Let’s make good memories on Weverse! I love you.

JISOO’s welcoming video message and Weverse exclusive handwriting are revealed! 📸

Nyeongan (hello) 🤍 our BLINK! Greeting you from Weverse. Let’s talk about things here and make lots of memories together from now on! I always miss BLINK! Thank you for always being there with me. I love you. 🤍

cr. BLACKPINK Weverse

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