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🐻 BLINK. 🖤 Everyone is doing well, right? Probably enjoying your time listening to Lalisa love me haha… It’s almost Chuseok, so I’m exercising hard so I could eat lots and sleep lots haha. I’ll leave after replying today to the comments!!

👤 Hi.
↪️🐻 Hi.

👤 Unni!! What are you doing????
↪️🐻 I’m laying down and doing Weverse.

👤 I’ve been waiting for so long, but I don’t think I’ll get a big reply anyway even if I comment on this. ㅠ When will I get it?
↪️🐻 Why do you think so?

👤 It’s a bit difficult these days, but thank you for being my strength.
↪️🐻 Power. 🖤

👤 What series are you watching these days?
↪️🐻 There’s a drama I’m into these days.

👤 Jennie unni, what song do you enjoy listening to these days?
↪️🐻 Deb Never’s new album!

👤 What kind of food are you eating these days?
↪️🐻 I’ve been eating rose tteokbokki lately.

👤 What is today’s TMI?
↪️🐻 I’m still half-asleep because I haven’t had breakfast, lunch, or coffee.

👤 Jennie, your comment skills have improved a lot. Please come often.
↪️🐻 Really?!

👤 Jisoo said she wants to feature on Jennie’s vlog lol.
↪️🐻 Done casting unni. 🙊

👤 Jennie unni, what is your favorite part in the Lalisa music video???
↪️🐻 I have too many favorites but personally, the rap in the bridge is so cool.

👤 Is Kuma all right?????
↪️🐻 Kuma is undergoing rehabilitation. It’s getting better.

👤 Unni, what hair color do you want to try?
↪️🐻 Um maybe all blonde?!

👤 Jennie, do you have rhinitis?
↪️🐻 There is.

🐻 Oh then, since I’m here, should I receive suggestions on what to with Jisoo unni?

👤 Jennie unni and Jisoo unni style each other according to their own styles.
↪️🐻 LOL this sounds like fun.

👤 Jennie, do you still have Jisoo’s watermelon video? Hahahaha.
↪️🐻 Of course. 😹

👤 Recommend or introduce the best item that you bought recently! What do you think? 😳😳😳😳
↪️🐻 Together with each other?

👤 Shopping for perfume.
↪️🐻 I’m not good at smelling perfume. ㅠㅠ

👤 Do each other’s makeup.
↪️🐻 I feel like it’s just going to be funny without results.

👤 Aah Kim Jennie. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I miss you.
↪️🐻 Me too.

👤 Did you watch yesterday’s episode of Street Woman Fighter???
↪️🐻 Not yet. ㅠㅠ

👤 The typhoon is so strong in Jeju. ㅠ
↪️🐻 Wrap yourself up in blankets and watch Netflix at home.

👤 Jendeuk unni, what have you been doing these days?? 💖
↪️🐻 Jendeukie is working on several things these days and works out really hard.

👤 What drama did Jendeuk enjoy watching?
↪️🐻 Currently I’m watching “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”.

👤 Make slime but in 2021 version kekekekeke.
↪️🐻 Kekekeke you guys have good ideas.

👤 What food do you want to eat during Chuseok?
↪️🐻 All Korean food daaaah.

👤 Have you tried the Lalisa challenge?
↪️🐻 I’ve watched the video but I’ll try it if I have time to learn cause it’s hard!!!!!

🐻 I think I have to go now. 🙂 Thank you for the fun~ I miss you alllll.

cr. 젠바 & BLACKPINK Weverse

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