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LISA on Weverse

🐱 💛 Have you listened to “LALISA” and “MONEY” today? I want to see our BLINKs soon!

👤 Lisa unni, I’ll make my sister-in-law dance Lalisa in front of the Paragon, if you reply.
↪️🐱 Really?

👤 Lisaaa the meatballs at the shops were sold so well. 😍🙏
↪️🐱 Eat a lot for me!

👤 I miss Leo, I want to see his face.
↪️🐱 Leo is not in a good mood.

👤 Hello Lisa I’m a foreigner. I used Google Translate to communicate with you.
↪️🐱 Cute.

cr. 젠바 & BLACKPINK Weverse

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