NewsThe Sweetest Good-Night From BLACKPINK… in Their Healing and Comfy V LIVE Broadcast

The Sweetest Good-Night From BLACKPINK… in Their Healing and Comfy V LIVE Broadcast

Girl group BLACKPINK’s special broadcasting was unveiled. It was a relaxing time for BLACKPINK members to talk about the team’s history, having fun and free conversation among themselves comfortably. Their talks included a wide variety of topics from petty chichat to their plan for the next 10 years.

BLACKPINK hosted “BLACKPINK LIVE” broadcasting on search engine NAVER’s V-APP from 11PM on December 4. BLACKPINK started the broadcasting, saying, “We’re a little bit nervous, as it is the first time for us to host broadcasting for this long time”. The members introduced BLACKPINK’s songs and boasted friendship between the four of them.

BLACKPINK lied down, to make their broadcasting more relaxing for viewers to watch. They chattered silently, to make the night sweet and comfortable. It was not for viewers’ good night’s sleep. It was rather like a lovely gift that revealed BLACKPINK’s new appeals that had been hidden so far.

BLACKPINK talked about many things, including when they realize that they have now actually made debut. ROSÉ said, “I lowered the window in the car to feel the wind one day, and I was surprised to hear our songs being played in another car. It was the first time to see other people listening to our songs. I felt awkward and shy, but really fun, too”. JENNIE also frankly said, “We’re even more surprised by people who recognize who we are”.

BLACKPINK members also talked about each other’s first impression. ROSÉ expressed her gratitude to JENNIE, saying, “When I first joined YG, I was worried as I knew nobody. But JENNIE gave me a lot of good advice. I had a really good first day at the company”.

JISOO said, “I first saw JENNIE and LISA. JENNIE looked very stylish, with a unique hairstyle. I thought she was a kind of leader”. ROSÉ said, “Enjoying music with the other members, other than practice, was a healing for me”.

BLACKPINK members also expressed their gratitude for fans. They said, “We’ve done nothing with fans. We’ve even never greeted them well yet. I wanna directly see them soon. One of our wishes is to perform on a large-scale stage. We’ve yet to perform in front of only our fans. It’s a big wish, but still, it will be really good if we can hold a concert”.

BLACKPINK also said, “It is our first time to communicate with fans for this long time. We’ll make efforts to have more of this time with you. It was a really healing time for us. Have a good-night’s sleep, good night”.

Along with the talks between the members, a variety of songs were played during the broadcasting. BLACKPINK’s “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, “WHISTLE”, “STAY”, as well as Bruno Mars’ songs and ASMR were played, to help viewers’ good night’s sleep. BLACKPINK’s appeals unveiled in the easy and comfortable live broadcasting fascinated fans once again.

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