NewsBLACKPINK to Appear on “Running Man”, Shooting in Jeonju

BLACKPINK to Appear on “Running Man”, Shooting in Jeonju

Girl group BLACKPINK is appearing in “Running Man” show. It is BLACKPINK’s first-ever appearance in an entertainment TV show of a public TV station.

According to insiders on November 28, BLACKPINK takes part in the shooting for SBS TV’s entertainment show “Running Man” as guests. The shooting is carried out on November 28 in the afternoon in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, Korea.

As it is BLACKPINK’s second appearance in a TV show, fans are showing keen interest in “Running Man” show. BLACKPINK recently made a successful debut for TV shows, by appearing in MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” show. In “Weekly Idol” show, BLACKPINK revealed their talent and charms that have been hidden so far, to make music fans even further look forward to BLACKPINK’s future. Now, people are paying keen attention to what kind of new appeals BLACKPINK will display in harmony with the cast members of “Running Man” show.

Rookie girl group BLACKPINK has been exerting great influence in the music scene since their debut in the second half of this year. Within only three months of their debut, BLACKPINK set a series of remarkable records including domination of all music charts and tens of millions of views for their music videos. As such, BLACKPINK has been exceptionally well-received by music fans, which is a rare case for a rookie girl group.

BLACKPINK’s success had been predicted to some extent from even before their debut. As YG has a firm and strong brand value and BLACKPINK achieved bigger-than-expected success with their debut single, music fans have had “trust” in the team’s new songs. BLACKPINK lived up to such expectations with good contents and music fans are showing enthusiastic responses to BLACKPINK’s quality music. With big support from fans, BLACKPINK received the rookie of the year award recently in MMA.

The episode of “Running Man” show in which BLACKPINK appears will be broadcasted on December 11 (or the 18th).

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