Interviews“SNOWDROP” Exclusive Interview With JISOO & Jung Haein

“SNOWDROP” Exclusive Interview With JISOO & Jung Haein

Believe that the series that follows the Korean series at the end of the year you must have heard, seen or watched the series ‘Snowdrop’ one way or another, this work is starring Jung Hae In, a young actor whose works for fans to see in a variety of ways and continuously Jisoo BLACKPINK the female idol of the globally popular K-POP girl group is taking her first acting journey. The series premiered on December 18.

Snowdrop It is a series based on Seoul in 1987 that tells the love story of the characters  Suho (played by Jung Hae In) a famous university student who suddenly burst into the women’s dormitory in a bloody body, and Young Ro (played by BLACKPINK Jisoo) a female student who hid him and cared for his wounds. while facing danger under close control.

Before the end of this year and while the series is airing it’s a good opportunity Corseries would like to bring everyone to open a special interview ‘Jung Hae In – Jisoo BLACKPINK’ 2 lead actors Snowdrop from the way Disney+Hotstar let the Thai series fans know behind the scenes of the work that is full of intentions of both of them. Throughout their friendly interview.

What impressed you most about taking the role? Suho and Yeong-ro?

Jung Hae In: Suho looks like a normal person on the outside. But in fact, he has many secrets and wounds from the past. His world changed when he met Young Ro, which Miss. Jisoo played in this role, the audience could see my performance in many dimensions. That’s the most interesting thing about playing this role.

Jisoo: Yeong-ro is full of hope and optimism. She’s the one who shines and shines wherever she goes. Even though she faced various hardships and was stuck in a variety of situations, But she manages everything perfectly. I love that of you which is very different from myself.

Did you encounter any obstacles in playing this character?

Jung Hae In: I was always thinking about how to show the audience Suho’s identity in different situations. I consulted the director a lot. Regarding the character balance of Suho’s character that should have because he did not face this alone. But the woman he loves is also going through difficult times with him. Jisoo and I were always talking about this as well during the rehearsal and use it in the show It’s something we do together and it’s really fun.

Jisoo: Yeong-ro faces and shows various emotions from episode 1 to episode 16, which is the hardest thing for me. Because I always keep my feelings to myself when I’m going through difficult times. While Young-ro wasn’t afraid to show it off and face those feelings I put a lot of effort into showing her personality in the most natural way. Because that part of hers is quite different from mine.

Are there any similarities between you and the characters shown?

Jung Hae In: Suho is a man who fights to protect his loved ones, whether the woman he loves his family or his friend. Throughout my acting career I value my family, friends and colleagues as much as I do myself. So I think we’re the same here.

Jisoo: Yeong-ro always tries hard to make the people around him happy. I guess we have cute and innocent powers too (laughs). We are the same in that respect.

Did you guys experience or try anything new while filming Snowdrop?

Jisoo: Dance.

Jung Hae In: Dance (laughs) the only time I seriously danced on TV. That’s when I played a K-POP idol in my first drama. When joining with Jisoo to dance in Snowdrop it’s not easy (laughs). I’m really trembling. I’m not kidding. I felt like I was a beginner again because I was both insecure in front of the camera. And I never thought that I would be nervous, so nervous dancing in front of the camera made me nervous. But Jisoo introduced me, teach me how to get through it and gave me a lot of advice so it went well. I’m really thankful to Jisoo.

Jisoo: In fact, the whole Snowdrop shooting experience was new to me. Every moment is new and has its difficulty. But it’s also exciting. I received a lot of help and support from all the cast and crew. They made this filming so much more fun.

Among all props, which one is the most memorable? So which outfit do you guys like the most?

Jung Hae In: I didn’t wear that many outfits. Suho is a guy with few clothes (laughs), but I have to say that my favorite outfit is the one that he borrowed from Young-ro’s older brother and wore to an open house party in her dorm.

Jisoo: The most memorable prop for me was the paper plane. Yeong-ro folded and played it so many times that it was almost her memory. Which is why this is important to me. My favorite outfit is the fur slippers that Yong-ro wears everywhere. I think it’s the only pair they have. So I did my best not to wear it. But in the end it was tattered. Later I went into the prop room and found out that there were hundreds more pairs there (laughs). I was shocked. I still remember the slippers very well.

What made you decide to take on the show?

Jung Hae In: First and foremost I believe in the director and the writer and the script tells a very powerful and amazing story.

Jisoo: Yeong-ro’s positive energy was a key factor in her decision to act as her. As a singer my job is to bring happiness to people and put a smile on their faces. And Young-Ro makes people laugh and brightens the world just by being herself. I thought maybe I could learn something from her by playing her. And that’s what drew me to this role.

Please share some fun and touching stories from the set.

Jung Hae In: There are a lot of things… You can see that I gradually tanned throughout the film (laughs). Pale skin doesn’t really match Suho’s personality. So I did a tan. which is very difficult filming certain scenes with Jisoo with CGI elements was also fun. On set, we said to ourselves, “Okay, the paper plane is over there.” And use our imagination to fill that gap. It’s really fun.

Jisoo: I have many different answers, every time asked what’s on my mind right now is the scene from the first episode where Young-ro ran to answer the phone. Which is a big deal in the dormitory. I enjoyed shooting that scene. I ran with the camera on the front. because if there is a cameraman running with me the resulting image will not match my movements. Especially when I have to run fast. I wanted to see how that scene would turn out, and will laugh with others as we watch it together. So it’s in my heart.

Jung Hae In: Probably very heavy.

Jisoo: Yes, very heavy (laughs).

How does Snowdrop differ from other dramas?

Jung Hae In: Watching Snowdrop is like watching two movies every week.

Jisoo: Actually, I didn’t know this before. Because this is my first play. But everyone keeps saying “This is a really special project.” and “They haven’t filmed like this anywhere else.” When I watched the scenes for myself, I was amazed by the realism of the sets in the series. Which reminded me of how I felt during filming and gave me a new impression of acting. I hope the audience will enjoy it as well.

What kind of support did the BLACKPINK members give? And what do you guys think about you taking the lead role in Snowdrop?

Jisoo: They were so excited to be able to send a coffee truck to the set (laughs). They were looking forward to it more than anything else and competing to see who would send it first. They promised me to watch the series when it aired. And let me spoiler things that I haven’t told anyone yet. But I didn’t (laughs) I think because they always inspired me to do my best because “They are watching me.”

How did you prepare for this role?

Jung Hae In: I went to get a tan. And also learned all kinds of martial arts and learned dialects, but most importantly I have to exercise a lot. If I had four hours to sleep I’ll split it in half so I’m going to sleep two hours and go to the gym for the rest of the two hours. Before I go out to the set which is very full of himself.

Tell me 3 reasons why fans your whole world should see Snowdrop.

Jung Hae In: The first reason that came to my mind was that Jisoo was joining the cast *laughs* that was the biggest thing for me. You will see so many new angles of Jisoo that you think to yourself, “Wow, is that really Jisoo?” That’s one of the reasons you need to watch Snowdrop. It’s a beautiful love story that’s perfect for the winter right now, and in the end we have a very special ending with lots of twists and turns and a very emotional story.

Jisoo: The first reason for me is that there’s Mr. Hae In in there (laughs). It’s not like his previous romantic movies, so you can see how he portrays a variety of love stories. There are also some cool props which I find amazing. It’s definitely something to look forward to. And the last reason is that the direction, the acting, the music and the filming are perfectly blended to create such a beautiful scene. I’m sure the audience will love them.

During break, what do you guys do to relax?

Jung Hae In: I exercise I brought a bar and dumbbells with me to the dressing room and used them during my breaks. I also maintain a nutritious diet, and chatting with the other actors. We also read and studied the script very hard, because when it’s time to practice It will be very messy.

Jisoo: Since this is my first drama. So I spent most of my time preparing for the next scene. During the long break, I would run and play chekishaki (제기차기) games with the other actors, most of whom were my age. It really made me feel like I was in a dorm.

After performing together, how are you?

Jung Hae In: I’m happy to act with Jisoo. In her first acting role I learned a lot from her. Look at the leadership she performed on set. I’m sure she will do well in the future. I’m very satisfied with this experience, it’s very good.

Jisoo: Many people told me that “If you don’t have a co-star like Hae In No one can supervise your performance as closely as he does. You are very lucky to have him as your first co-star,” which I wholeheartedly agree with. He is very helpful and support me. And I felt safe knowing that he was there to help me. I am very honored and I hope to work with him again in the future.

Snowdrop Broadcast every Saturday – Sunday on JTBC channel and can follow and watch Thai subtitles are copyrighted at Disney+ Hotstar.

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