InterviewsDAZED Korea Interview With JISOO (January 2022)

DAZED Korea Interview With JISOO (January 2022)

“Jisoo! Jisoo! Jisoo!” Numerous European fans shouted in crowds to see Jisoo, who visited Paris Fashion Week as Dior’s global ambassador in September. The blue-eyed Dior people with Christian Dior’s noble legacy and the fateful archaeology of high fashion from their birth. Can you guess what did they think in front of such a rare scene? They must have thought it was surprising and marvelous. Jisoo, who became a world star beyond K-pop, fascinated Dior and the world so much at the first Paris Fashion Week she attended. No, the expression ‘fascinated’ seems to be slightly insufficient. She ‘ate it up’.

In the fall of 2020, Jisoo and DAZED first met through Dior. And through Dior Beauty again, we reunited with a face that opens 2022. The new lineup name of Dior Beauty is ‘New Look’. For Dior, the word ‘new look’ is the same meaning as the heart. ‘New Look’ originated from Carmel Snow, editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, who saw Monsieur Dior’s first collection in 1947, calling it ‘It’s such a New Look. ‘New Look’, represented by a bar suit, caught the attention of women around the world at once with a jacket emphasizing the waistline and a silhouette of a long flare skirt that descends to the middle of the calf. Who else fits the new makeup look that is as appropriate and exquisite as Jisoo in the most symbolic ‘New Look’ representing Dior to this day?

Human life eventually begins with longing for beauty, which is invisible to the eyes. From this point on, desires are born, conflicts arise, and we have to decide and choose what values to pursue and live. So we have constantly asked ourselves what is beautiful, and found the standard of beauty.

Jisoo herself is definitely a “New Look” that defines new beauty in the modern society where
people live in 2022. Knowing how to dance, sing, act, talk, and express her thoughts without
addition or subtraction. Through this process, she can proudly appeal her charm to the world. This is the ‘New Look’. And countless people who share Jisoo’s vision, dream like Jisoo, want to dress like Jisoo, and want to be like Jisoo, support and prove her beauty.

Jisoo’s bright and healthy energy throughout the shoot is enchantingly illuminating 2022 of
DAZED. Jisoo, who grew stronger, began to run toward the world with beautiful flowers in her hands. I can’t even tell where the end will be or how beautiful it will be. In a way, Jisoo is likely to soar properly through everything from now on.

I am happy to decorate the first issue cover of DAZED starting in 2022 with Jisoo’s face. Can you tell us what you thought on your way to the set today?

I always look forward to what kind of concept I will challenge when I have a shooting schedule with DAZED. When I film with DAZED, they brings out a new side of me that I certainly have but have not seen. So today, I came with excitement about what kind of me I will meet.

In the last interview with us, you said you wanted to shoot more ‘Dazed-ly’ next time. What
was the most memorable thing while shooting with the theme of ultimate beauty today?

Today’s shoot is especially memorable with intense colors and patterns. For each concept, I felt that the elegant and luxurious color was alive. I think it can make the beginning of January clearer.

Last September, you attended Dior’s 2022 S/S Ready to Wear Collection in Paris as a global
ambassador for Dior. Can you tell us how you felt watching the show in front of your eyes?

It was the first fashion show I saw in Paris, and it was lively because everything including music, fashion, atmosphere, and makeup were well harmonized. I vividly felt that I was seeing and feeling everything in person at the Paris fashion show.

Throughout my visit to Paris, I felt that Dior cared about Jisoo very much. What does Dior
means to Jisoo?

I think Dior is a brand that is feminine and at the same time charismatic. As I have become a
global ambassador for Dior, I want to do a lot of work together so that many people can
sympathize with and feel the brand Dior the same way I felt.

I was also impressed by your visit to Dior’s Atelier.

After knowing Dior’s history and how this outfit was made and what meaning it had in it, it felt more precious. It was an unforgettable experience.

You also talked about various things about makeup with Dior’s makeup creative director Peter Philips. I wonder if you have any makeup tips you learned from him.

On days I want to emphasize eyeliner, I remember his advice that I should use eye shadow colors similar to skin tone. Dior introduced makeup that particularly emphasized eyeliner through fashion models who took the stage of the 2022 S/S Ready to Wear collection. Seeing that, I wanted to try self-makeup, so I brought a lot of products recommended by Peter.

What’s your favorite Dior beauty item?

I use all of Dior Beauty’s products, from body to skincare and color tone. And among them, the item I use the most is Dior Forever Cushion. I enjoy self-makeup lightly on days when I don’t have a schedule, and I can easily complete my makeup by arranging my skin tone with the Dior Forever Cushion and adding vitality with the Dior Lip Glow.

Today, we used Dior’s new beauty lineup. Let’s talk about the New Look collection with an
impressive houndstooth pattern package first. Lip, cushion, and perfume all expressed
fantastic beauty by applying modern and beautiful colors to Dior’s couture look.

The harmony of the houndstooth pattern and the package makes me feel good just by looking at it, and I think Dior Beauty’s charm is that the characteristics of each product are well expressed when used. The package that changes every season is luxurious and pretty like accessories, so the moment I receive it, I feel great.

Also tell us about the Foundation Forever Fluid, which provides extreme flawless skin. You
expressed the opposite skin of Matte and Glossy with flower ingredients, and I wonder under what circumstances would be good to express each.

Glossy foundation would be good to use when you want to express bright and shiny skin. Light skin makeup with glossy Forever Fluid Foundation will make your skin look healthier and more elegant with natural glow. On the contrary, matte foundation is good to use for bolder color makeup with Rouge Dior Lipstick. When you have to give a point with intense makeup.

Jisoo is expanding the scope of herself by exploring various fields such as dance and singing. I think Jisoo’s experience with various challenges is very precious. Have you ever changed your attitude toward life through experience?

Rather than changing the attitude toward life, I think my thoughts are getting wider. In addition to music, as I have frequent contacts with people who are active in various fields recently, I get to observe various perspectives. I am naturally learning the wisdom of life, attitude, and direction of thinking. I’m trying to apply the positive energy that I see and feel to my life. (Smiles)

What do you think about the most these days?

It’s been a long time since I saw our fans, so I often talk to the members about how to show better performance when we meet again. In particular, it’s been a while since we met in person, so I miss my fans so much.

Eventually, time flows finite and straight. When you look back on 2021, when was the happiest or most memorable moment?

This moment is only once, so I try to cherish it more every day. Looking back, both the hard and happy moments now feel like good memories. I’m looking forward to the new moments in 2022.

I’m curious about your new year’s goal in 2022.

I want to challenge boldly and fearlessly as always. It may not always be smooth, but I will do my best without regret. And I want to continue to look into myself and become a better person.

It’s already been 7 years since BLACKPINK debuted. I think BLINKs got more special to you. Please send a New Year’s message to BLINKs.

Everything I achieved was possible thanks to BLINKs’ full support. As we’ve done so far, I hope we can walk together in 2022 as well. (Smiles) We will come back with a better appearance, and I hope we can be happy together. See you more often in 2022! I love you!

You were born in January. Happy birthday in advance. Do you have anything to say to Jisoo, who celebrated her birthday on Jan 3, 2022, at the time of the interview, on Dec 8, 2021?

Happy birthday, Jisoo! Let’s smile more and be happy in 2022.

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