InterviewsELLE Korea Interview With ROSÉ (September 2021)

ELLE Korea Interview With ROSÉ (September 2021)

Our muse, perhaps more… ROSÉ.

Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! Yesterday just happened to be the anniversary. You have often said that it is hard to believe what has happened in five years. What are some personal and inner changes you’ve experienced in incredibly shiny times?

I think I’ve become more free over the past 5 years. In the past, there were a lot of things that I couldn’t take the reins out of fear of making mistakes. Now I think mistakes are one of all processes. Seriously. I’ve experienced it and it’s more enjoyable than I thought.

What do you think has matured the most?

I think I’ve matured in that it’s okay to have something I don’t like. In the process of fixing one by one, I discovered new things about myself. It’s a pleasant and fortunate change.

The meeting between Saint Laurent and Rosé has always created a strong synergy. I’m curious about Rosé’s inner feelings when she’s with Saint Laurent like today’s cover shoot. Do you feel stronger?

Somehow I get bold when I’m with Saint Laurent. I can express myself more confidently and freely, and I can bring out the rock spirit in me.

When you shared the video of Saint Laurent’s 2021 S/S collection on Instagram, the video reached 50 million views in less than a day. It’s a huge number. Whether you are free or sensitive to the fact that there are so many people who focus on your story, which one fits Rosé’s way?

Both sides. It’s definitely a good thing that a lot of people are interested in my story. I think I gained a platform where I can share positive and happy things, such as good music and fashion, and share what I like and empathize with each other. On the other hand, there are some areas where I get that much more cautious. There are more things to be more sensitive about than before.

One of Rosé’s amazing abilities that many have witnessed is laughter. You seem to be a person who shows positivity whenever and wherever. What are the things that make you laugh now?

These days, I’m most happy when Hank greets me after working hard all day long.

I was able to see Rosé in nature on the music entertainment program that aired recently. Hermit crab, sea, wind, music, delicious food… There seemed to be a lot of things that touched your heart in the seaside village. What kind of energy do you get from these small, everyday moments?

That’s right. I still think there are so many small and fun things in the world. I love such everyday discoveries, and I enjoy them a lot. I find something amazing every day and learn new things and gain certain happiness.

I was also impressed when you sang Yoo Jaeha’s “Because I Love You” in . Your voice sounded fresh, singing a song released in 1987.

It doesn’t matter when the song was written, whether it was 20 or 30 years ago or now. Because I think people’s emotions are incredibly similar regardless of the times.

Then what is the part that you sympathize with the most about K-pop at that time?

I think it’s important to sing like you’re talking to someone. Likewise, I think it’s also important to do it as if you are delivering words when you are playing music with an instrument too. I’m especially attached to such songs among K-pop songs from that time. “Because I Love You” is a song that I personally love because it’s very honest like reading a diary with a very personal and inner heart.

What is the common sentiment of songs you want to sing (or have already sang) or songs that comfort you? What stories do such music tell you?

I think the biggest consolation in the world is empathy. Even if the song is not right or doesn’t contain positive content, I’d listen and say, “I’m not the only one.” I get a lot of comfort when I feel that someone has a similar heart to me. So I like songs that have honest stories like reading someone’s diary.

Since your debut, you have constantly expanded your spectrum. What did you gain from the experience of accomplishing something you thought you could never do?

I think it’s important to find out what’s most like me. I think I’ve gotten a lot closer to myself over the past 5 years than before. But I’m still in the process learning ‘being myself’.

Around the time of your debut, you said you were worried about what you lacked every day. Please share Rosé’s own way of gaining strength by believing in herself.

This is the simple but powerful way. I talk to family members who love me or people who know me best and ask them for advice. I found out through conversation with them that my judgment or evaluation was not everything to me. Since then, whenever I look back on the feelings that have happened to me, I have the strength to overcome them again.

The friendship you share with those who have become special is also a hot topic. That kind of relationship makes Rosé more colorful. Apart from the energy you show on stage, what kind of person do you want to be off stage?

I want to be a friend who listens and sympathizes with them sincerely. Listening and empathy give me a sense of happiness in itself.

You once said, “It would be happiness if I could prioritize the most precious things and distribute my best efforts fairly.” What does this pursuit of happiness mean to Rosé?

Both knowing what is precious to me, and doing my best in everything is important to me. Wouldn’t it be happy to look back on the past if we could build this happiness day by day? I sincerely hope so.

How was this summer? Do you think it was a summer you’ll be able to take it out again in the future?

I think it will be a summer that I will cherish for a very long time. This summer, I had many opportunities to challenge new environments and new music. It was all such a pleasant experience!

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