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This is your second full album. It will be released soon, how do you feel?

JISOO: As much as we produced it for a long time, I’m very excited and fluttered. A lot of people have liked our pre-release song Pink Venom, so we got excited and enjoyed our activities too.Thanks to fans, we got to comeback with a nervousness that feels good. I’m most curious about our fans’ reactions since we wanted to repay our fans (for the love) the most. When the album gets released, I’ll be looking for fans’ reactions first.

How was the process of producing the 2nd full album?

JENNIE: As always, working with the members was fun. We kept having many new ideas starting from the concept meeting until the end of the recording session. We got to bring something up from deep inside of us as we looked after each other’s emotions carefully. I got to feel that we shine the most as four when we were giving each other feedback. Moreover, it was fun and felt secure working with YG producers that knows us well. I’m very proud because I think we filled the album with works that were made by sharing each other’s musical synergy.

First impression of the title song ‘Shut Down’?

LISA: We gathered at the studio and listened to the demo track together. When the verse was playing, I think we just looked at each other without being able to say a word. We were saying “This is the title track!” through our eyes. While listening, I could imagine our performance. I’m positive that the song represents BLACKPINK well, and is a song BLACKPINK can express well.

Introduce the title track ‘Shut Down’.

JENNIE: Shut Down is a song that brings the charisma BLACKPINK has always been showing off to another level. The combination of classical music and hip hop gives off good impression which is new but also has addictive charms. I think the fun lyrics with wit and the choreography that expresses ‘Shut Down’ directly will be a fun point. I hope that feeling we felt first and the thrill of excitement gets delivered to everybody.

Points to keep an eye on for the MV of ‘Shut Down’?

JISOO: The set that resembles Shut Down and hip hop items, and the outfit style with strong vibes matches the song well. If you pay attention to the MV, you can see there are BLACKPINK’s hit tracks hidden in many of the set. You guys can see us acting inside the MV so please look forward for it.

Difference between “THE ALBUM” and the 2nd full album “BORN PINK”?

ROSÉ: If we only focused on ‘music’ for ‘THE ALBUM‘, this time, just like the title ‘BORN PINK’, we tried to express the essence of BLACKPINK. We tried many new things while keeping our own identity as BLACKPINK. We based hip hop and combined it with different genres, making constant variations and focused on expressing Blackpink’s own colors. I can say that we’ve made an album that has never been seen before with our creative imaginations. During the process of making the album, all our members were filled with confidence. As much as that, we our preparation is perfectly complete.

If you spoiled a little bit of the world tour?

ROSÉ: Although we’ve became busy, it’s rewarding. When we see fans happy when the things we prepared get released one by one, I feel it get returned to me by strength and a bigger energy. There will be many stages that will be seen for the first time for this concert. It’s a world tour after a long time so the members and our staffs are working hard together and preparing for it. “BLINKs! Let’s meet soon! I miss you!”

LISA: It’s been so long since our last world tour! Thinking about meeting global BLINKs makes me fluttered more and more everyday. There were many changes as we wanted to show fans many stuff so we tried many new things. We can’t really pick something particular to say right now but the stages you guys have missed and look forward for, and the new stages you guys can’t imagine are in preparation. So I hope everyone comes and see and enjoys it themselves. BLINKs! Before coming to the concert listen to our full album a lot and memorize the songs!


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