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BLACKPINK x Melon Spotlight Interview

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When do you want to do the most during the preparation period?

JISOO: Every single day of preparation, such as recording and shooting a music video, is precious. The moments that come to mind right now are the moments where we worked out and took care of our bodies to show BLINK a great performance! It’s been a long time since we’ve met our fans, so we worked hard to build up the day.

Is there a version that you want to do spotlight in “Shut Down”?

ROSÉ: All the lyrics of “Shut Down” are impressive, so I hope you all like it, but if I have to pick one part, it’s Lisa’s rap part in the second verse. At the end of the rap, there’s a sound of “It’s a shutdown” and the door closes, and I think the rap part ends in a cooler way, so it’s my favorite part!

LISA: I also have my favorite part in the second verse! In Rose’s part, there’s a lyric called “swerve”. Rose’s voice was low and it was charismatic and cool. I remember singing this part with the members when we were recording.

What scene do you want to do spotlight the most in this music video?

JENNIE: The scene that I want you to pay attention to the most in the music video of “Shut Down” is the next picture. Aren’t the members with strong concepts that stand out in vivid colors really cool?

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