SocialsStaff Report: No.1 in SBS Inkigayo, Thanks to You!

Staff Report: No.1 in SBS Inkigayo, Thanks to You!

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK is receiving a lot of love after debut!

Because of the overflowing love for BLACKPINK and their debut song “Whistle”, they were able to accomplish getting the 1st win on a music show with their debut song.

BLACKPINK at the backstage after receiving their 1st win award from SBS Inkigayo!

We are releasing this only for the many fans who gave their support!

We owe it all to the love of the fans

In the future, BLACKPINK will head towards a higher place!

We hope you continue to show the overflowing love that you’re giving to BLACKPINK right now!

Thank you.

cr. YGE

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