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🐰 Showing off my feet all of a sudden… 🦶🏻💅🏻 I wanted to post this today because I was excited after getting a new pedicure but it was too much ‘feet’ so I decided to only show this to BLINKs hahahaha. 😂 What are you guys doing? Are you guys taking a rest during the weekend? 🐰🐰

👤 Gjf.
↪️🐰 Hello gjf omg it’s ‘omg’ omg!

👤 Today’s TMI!?
↪️🐰 Hmm.. I had tteokbokkie today hehehehe.

👤 What’s the concept of the pedicure?
↪️🐰 Hmm.. I asked for a pedicure that makes me happier when I watch my feet while taking a lower body bath… a huge request. 😂😂

👤 I have an exam tomorrow please cheer me up!
↪️🐰 Oh!!! Exam..!! Don’t be nervous and fighting. 🤍

👤 Did Jennie buy the bracelet from hawaii?
↪️🐰 Didn’t she buy a sticker?! I kept asking her for the things she bought after watching YouTube but she keeps forgetting. ㅜㅜ Give me mine.

👤 All the lighting in Jisoo’s house seems red.
↪️🐰 What do you mean all! That mirror is red but that’s it, that thing takes up everything. I tried to make my face un-red for IG but my face got blown away (by the editing) but I still chose to post the un-red one.

👤 What do you do the most for rock-paper-scissors?
↪️🐰 Hmm.. scissors!! ✌

👤 Do you know ‘I got kinged chu’?
↪️🐰 Don’t make things up. Don’t tell me it’s a new slang.

👤 Omg! What do you eat for even your feet to be cute!
↪️🐰 Hahahahahaha yeoptteok..

👤 Pants vs dress,
which do you like? Haha.
↪️🐰 Oh hmm umm these days I like skirts better but I only wear pants?!

👤 I’m going to go buy Pokémon bread, am I too behind..?
↪️🐰 After looking at this comment I want to eat it again but it’s probably easy to buy now right..?

👤 What level of spiciness do you eat for yeoktteok????
↪️🐰 Spicy! But sometimes I eat mild flavor too!

👤 A lot of people get chichi’s reply how come it’s not me.
↪️🐰 Hahahaha what do you mean it’s not me haha. ㅠㅠ No, you got it too, congratulations.

👤 I was watching the selfie you posted. 🫠❤️ Now I’m going to watch “Killing Eve” and “Fantastic Beasts” before bed hahaha. What movies did you watch recently?!
↪️🐰 I watched “Be Melodramatic” these days, is it too late..? Your shampoo scent in the flowers..

👤 It’s so cold outside!
↪️🐰 Lie! Oh you’re a penguin from the north pole sorry I didn’t think about you and only talked about my perspective.

👤 There’s a rumor that it’s Dalgom’s birthday tomorrow.. hehe.
↪️🐰 On 12am I’ll post a picture of Dalgom that looks like the most (physically) pressed dog in the world that my dad asked if I used an app to take the picture.

👤 Recommend a fun drama.
↪️🐰 Be Melodramatic.. too late? Hehe.. hahahaha it was on YouTube and it was fun so I watched all of it.

👤 How many glasses of milk did you have today??
↪️🐰 How did you know that I drank milk today!!

👤 Spoiler fairy.
↪️🐰 No?! I don’t spoil?! I’m from the preventing spoiler club. 😎

👤 I’ll send Pokémon bread to you give me your address.
↪️🐰 됀장찌개 (OP’s nickname, meaning ‘bean paste stew’) did Chaeng write this? She even wrote 됀징찌개 once.

👤 Please respond if you see this comment. 🥺
↪️🐰 Wiggle!

👤 I was watching a video of HYLT and I ran here since Chu came.
↪️🐰 Did you see the news clip that HYLT’s dance practice video has a lot of views. The one where the news reporter dances..!! Hahahahaha.

👤 Have you tried The Legend of Zelda? 😎
↪️🐰 I didn’t but isn’t that kind of old?! I’m waiting for the Sonic that releases on June 23rd wow I even memorized the date. I got goosebumps from myself.

👤 After looking at IG I think yellow suits you well since you have the pure look hehe. 💛
↪️🐰 Yellow, okay, I’m writing it down.

👤 Let’s do a concert and fan signing event I want to see you guys quickly. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
↪️🐰 Kekeke now we can meet off… line? Offline? so let’s meet a lot. 💛

👤 Your fingers are so pretty! What color should the fingers be painted?
↪️🐰 My fingernail????? Or your fingernail..?! I painted it sparkly again hehe I’m excited.

👤 They say getting a reply from Jisoo is the start of all lucks.
↪️🐰 Your luck has started. 🍀🤍🍃

👤 Kim Jisoo who is a pro at music shows, did you know we can go to music shows and pre-recorded shows? We just need a comeback now.
↪️🐰 Wow I can’t even imagine!! Haha I think I’ll fail holding my laugh in when I see BLINKs on stage..!!

👤 The dinosaur on your toenail is so cute!!
↪️🐰 No I don’t have that..! ㅠㅠ

👤 Pre-recorded music shows fansigning events and concerts for us too!
↪️🐰 Yay. ☀️🥰🤩

👤 Jisoo’s MBTI is CUTE is this true??
↪️🐰 I did the MBTI test again and got INFJ is it possible to get the exact opposite one? I did it 4 times with a time gap in between and I only got that result ㅠ what.

👤 I was a fan since the 1st official BLINK, please reply before I go to the military…
↪️🐰 Oh no. ㅠㅠ 😢😢😢

👤 How much stuff does Jennie forget?
↪️🐰 One time she left her hair pin at our house so I took it with me and told her ‘take this!’ but she forgot it again ㅜ Hahahahaha.

👤 Did you buy a Shin-chan keyring???
↪️🐰 A BLINK gave it to me so I have it hehe.

👤 How do you choose which posts to reply to?
↪️🐰 Umm… I just reply to ones where I can think of a reply?!?! Hehe.

👤 I came to a midnight market place!
↪️🐰 Omg there must be lots of tasty foods. ㅠㅠ

👤 After the rain yesterday the weather was so nice and Chichi is making my day happier before bed.. Thank you so much. 💗
↪️🐰 End your day by smiling!! I’m smiling while reading this comment too thank you. 💗

👤 We’re holding university festivals again and I’m thinking of when BLACKPINK used to perform in festivals. ㅠㅜㅠ
↪️🐰 I missed those times so much too after hearing that they’re holding festivals again it was so so fun! ㅠㅠ I miss BLINKs too really.

👤 Brown color? Are you talking about Rilakkuma?
↪️🐰 No. ㅠ Cinnamon Roll is brown and has white color around the mouth, but cute.

🐰 My BLINKs!! I’ll go now!!! It’s the weekend now so I’m happier since the weather is nice too. I hope BLINKs end the day well and sleep happily. 🤍 I miss you guys so so much and I love you. 🤍 Sleep well my BLINKs. 🐶

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