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JISOO on Weverse Membership

🐰 Hello BLINK! In this and that weather, it’s unbelievably May! It felt like the weather went back to winter because it was cold. During times like this, be careful of the cold! 🥺 Like the new month, I hope everyone is happy with new resolutions and new hearts, BLINKs who I always miss, thank you and I love you. 🤍The picture is my Dalgomie pretending to be a doll.

👤 Hi.
↪️🐰 Hiiii. 🤍

👤 OMG I wanted to have pizza and beer today what kind of pizza did you eat??
↪️🐰 What was it?? Papa Johns…???

👤 What’s Jisoo’s MBTI
↪️🐰 ESTP! But I think it changed! Should I try it again hehehe.

👤 Long time no see. 🤍 I missed you. ㅠㅠ You looked so pretty at the Dior show yesterday. When will I be able to get a reply…
↪️🐰 Thank you! Hehe it was cold yesterday so I’m glad I got to wore long sleeves! Hehe.

👤 We can take off our masks from tomorrow!!!
↪️🐰 Wow! I kind of can’t believe it..!

👤 I miss Chu so much.
↪️🐰 I miss my BLINKs so much too hehe. 😢

👤 Did you see the new debit card design??
↪️🐰 Hehe I did!! I’m going to get one too hehe.

👤 Did you take selfies yesterday? Can we see? Hahaha.
↪️🐰 Selfies were a big fail! Hehehe…!!! Hahahaha.

👤 Sweet potato pizza vs. potato pizza what do you like?
↪️🐰 Umm… combination pizza??

👤 Did Dalgom gain weight? 😎😎😎
↪️🐰 No! Dalgom is skinny. ㅠㅠ 😢😢

👤 Can Dalgom do tricks like shake or sit??
↪️🐰 He can even do ‘lie down’!!!! Hehe. 😎

👤 It’s children’s day soon, is there any memorable gift that you got??
↪️🐰 Hmm… Nintendo…?? Or maybe not because that was just a gift hehehe.

👤 Dalgom is cute even when you see him after a long time.
↪️🐰 He pretends to be a doll hehe.

👤 What kind of toys does Dalgom like??
↪️🐰 Dalgom likes everything.

👤 Today’s TMI!
↪️🐰 As soon as I ate at home, mom ordered pizza so I was really full after eating pizza too! Hehehe.

👤 Chu!!!! Did you watch yesterday’s fashion show well?!
↪️🐰 The best!! It felt better because I got to watch it in Korea!

👤 I like Dalgom so much.
↪️🐰 I like Dalgom so much too hehe.

🐰 Since it’s the start of May, I came to say hello to BLINKs! BLINKs who I love always, I’m so glad we can be together at the start of this month too. 🤍 Thank you for always welcoming me and supporting me! Everyone eat dinner well, end your weekend well too and let’s cheer up tomorrow together!!!! Nyongan. 🤍


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