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🐰 Hello! November is cold and cold, so I’m happy! What are you all doing. 🥶 A picture of flowers together! I’m a iced americano.

👤 Be careful of the cold.
↪️🐰 I think I already caught it… but I’ll still drink iced-americano. ㅠ I’m going to drink it even if I’m sick. ㅜ

👤 It’s super cold today.. be careful not to catch the cold!!
↪️🐰 It became colder after the rain and storm!

👤 I can’t tell which one is the flower… no actually you’re prettier than the flowers.
↪️🐰 There aren’t real flowers in the picture and it’s just a word ‘flower’ so your statement that I’m prettier than the flower is invalid blah blah. I’m just joking thank you. 😎🌹

👤 Don’t skip meals, if you are happy we are happy.
↪️🐰 The weather made me happy! I’m a winter-child ⛄️ I’m listening to Christmas Carol’s everyday at home.

👤 I can’t believe we were wearing short-sleeved clothes until yesterday.
↪️🐰 Short-sleeves yesterday..?! You’re amazing…??? It’s cold!! Don’t catch the cold!!

👤 I was just thinking about you and you came to Weverse.
↪️🐰 This is telepathy!!!!

👤 Until when will it be cold??
↪️🐰 Until April…?? Or these days the seasons are quick so March..?

👤 What do you want to eat during the winter?
↪️🐰 Hotteok! Strawberry!

👤 Eat dumpling soup and warm up!
↪️🐰 That’s a specific menu sounds yummy I like kimchi dumplings.

👤 I got lost… how do I get to Jisoo’s heart?
↪️🐰 Hahaha just straight ahead~

👤 Please reply to me
↪️🐰 Okay! Here is your reply.

👤 The season of hot pot has arrived!?!?
↪️🐰 Can I get some extra dumplings!

👤 Jisoo! What’s the song of the day? Is it ‘Flower?’
↪️🐰 You & Me.. LOL ❤️ I love You and Me I like that I can listen to it on streaming platforms.

👤 Your replies are so quick that my sister asked who I’m texting.
↪️🐰 Hahaha my typing speed!! My phone became smaller so I make lots of typos but my speed is still super fast.

👤 Genius Jisoo what are you doing.
↪️🐰 Genius Jisoo that’s me.

👤 Will you eat hot pot during the winter too?
↪️🐰 There’s no season for hot pot!

👤 I can eat strawberry tanghulus now hehe.
↪️🐰 I already had it!

👤 Chu~ I’m going to New York during the end of the year and I’m gunna visit the hot pot restaurant and the Korean BBQ restaurant that you and Chaeyoung visited!! Haha.
↪️🐰 The Korean BBQ was so good hehe.

👤 What carols do you listen to the most?
↪️🐰 Mariah Carey’s are the best.. 🤣

👤 Can you recommend a drink from Starbucks other than iced-americano?
↪️🐰 Soy latte was good hehe.

👤 How to get a reply from Jisoo.
↪️🐰 Stand out!!

👤 Whenever I see something that has ‘flower’ written on it, I think of Jisoo!! I’m sad that I can add pictures to comments.
↪️🐰 Hehe I take a picture when I see them too.

👤 The 6th winter I’m spending with Jisoo… Eat 3 bowls of rice and wear 3 layers of clothes I love you.
↪️🐰 Let’s be together for the rest of the winter. ⛄️❤️ I love you. ❤️

👤 Who forgot to close the fairytale book? The princess escaped from it.
↪️🐰 Hahahah does your MBTI have N in it?!

👤 Hoping for Jisoo to post a vlog making tanghulu!!
↪️🐰 These days there are good tanghulus and I’ve lost the will to make it myself.

👤 I need Jisoo’s hug during the winter.
↪️🐰 No to short-padded jackets and long-padded jackets! Yes to Jisoo’s hugs! ❤️🥶❤️

👤 How to get your attention.
↪️🐰 Success….!!! Hahaha.

👤 I want to hear about your story with Araki Yuko if you have one. 💖 Jisoo I miss you.
↪️🐰 I ran into her every time I went to Paris!! I wanted to have a meal with her but it was a pity that we didn’t have time! But we still have each other’s contacts so we promised to eat a meal together in Japan or Korea hehe.

🐰 I will now… leave!!!!! Wear warm clothes since it became cold after the rain! Be careful not to catch the cold!!! Protect your neck!! Everyone eat dinner and spend a nice day! I love you!!

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