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🐰 BLINK! I can’t believe it’s already been a month and a half. ☺️ I think time feels faster because we’re on a tour! I wonder how BLINK’s day is. Are you having fun overcoming the chaotic weather? ☔️ I miss you all the time. I hope we can talk face to face soon. I love you! Let’s smile a lot and have a happy day. 🍀♥️ When was it… One JISOO. 🐱

👤 1.
↪️🐰 Hello Chanyoung.

👤 Hi.
↪️🐰 Aloha kitty. 🐱❤️

👤 You posted when I was thinking about you. ❤️
↪️🐰 This is destiny! ❤️

👤 What should I do when I’m not feeling confident?
↪️🐰 Just try! And don’t forget that you are on your side. We need to love ourselves. Also, I’m on your side too. 🥰

👤 If you like coriander, I’m okay with eating it too.
↪️🐰 You’re a real pro.

👤 You phone case is so cute.
↪️🐰 It broke so it’s gone now!! 🥲

👤 Recently, when I’m sad, your songs become a support for me and my energy rises 100% when I think of your smile!!!
↪️🐰 I should smile a lot for BLINKs then! I get energy when I see BLINKs smiling too! Let’s all smile a lot.

👤 What do you call a rhinoceros that trips and falls?
↪️🐰 I want to know I’m curious. Kong-ceros.

👤 Do you still like milk?
↪️🐰 I do! Hehe. 🥛

👤 Come to Osaka~ I wanted to see you that day.
↪️🐰 ㅠㅠ I really wanted to go to Osaka. 😢 If I get to go back to Osaka please welcome me. 😢❤️

👤 Jisoo!!! How are you feeling today??
↪️🐰 I’m feeling sentimental but with no thoughts at the same time…? I’m wondering what kind of person I am when I’m able to do both at the same time.

👤 Do you like peaches or crispy peaches.
↪️🐰 Every kind! Anything! Hahaha what does crispy mean though.

👤 Can you give me that slipper that fell off? Hahahahaha 520.
↪️🐰 ㅠㅠ Hahaha so funny honestly, I imagined it to fall off as I was putting it on in the morning and it came to reality…

👤 Japan is so hot. Take care of your health.
↪️🐰 Korea has also been hot, raining, humid, strong sun, and lots of thunderstorms! ㅠㅠ Everyone take care.

👤 What should I do when I’m too afraid to face something new… it’s amazing how half of 2023 is gone now but I still want to leave 2023.
↪️🐰 Like how you’re sad that 2023 is disappearing, you’ll also be sad to leave 2024 keke. So to greet 2024 in a positive way, let’s enjoy 2023 too.

👤 Jisoo MBTI is CUTE.
↪️🐰 I want to do the test again after reading this hahaha.

👤 Did you watch BPM?
↪️🐰 The plushie machine was so difficult! I acknowledge you Chaeng!

👤 I bought the Paris concert tickets but I hurt my feet in a car accident so I wasn’t able to go 😭😭 I want to see you.
↪️🐰 OMG!!!! Don’t be hurt. ㅠㅠ Taking care of yourself should be your priority! ㅠㅠ

👤 Because of Jisoo, I’m only collecting purple these days.
↪️🐰 Purple is the best. 💜

👤 The Jisoo who I love the most… It was so sad that we couldn’t meet at Kyocera. 😭 But I believe that we can see each other again and I’m working hard. ✊
I’m always cheering for you!!
↪️🐰 Sad. ㅠㅠ I hope we can see each other again…! It’s really sad. 😢

👤 Did your preference change and started to like mangos?
↪️🐰 I’m a mango holic all of a sudden hahahaha. I always eat it before concerts with Chaeng.

👤 Did you watch Elemental??
↪️🐰 Yes!!! So fun hehe.

👤 Were you happy at Hyde Park?
↪️🐰 It was so fun hehe and the weather was really cool… 👍

👤 Please tell me today’s TMI.
↪️🐰 Umm… I didn’t eat yet I’m hungry!

👤 What’s the most important ingredient when eating stew.
↪️🐰 By stew you mean.. hot pot….??! I often eat the fish-thingy…? Do you know what I mean.

👤 Any recommendations on what to do in Jeju island?
↪️🐰 I like gimbap so I had gimbap… hahahahaha I really love gimbap… gimbap is so good…

👤 The weather is so hot, do you still want to eat hop pot?
↪️🐰 I ate hot pot recently and I want to eat it again after reading this comment… 🤩❤️

👤 See you in Vietnam.
↪️🐰 I’m nervous to finally meet you guys!!! See you soon. 🤩❤️

👤 I want to see you driving.
↪️🐰 Hahaha how should I film Jisoo driving hehe hahahaha. I like parking the most…

👤 I went to see the Macao concert on May 21st. It will become my most beautiful memory! I want to see you more closely next time. I hope you are healthy and well! Wo aini. 🤍 PS. We are very worried of you hurting your knee and ankle.
↪️🐰 Let’s meet again in a closer way. ❤️ Don’t worry about my injuries! I just fell down hahaha I’m all well but I put on special bandages so that it would heal without any scars. It doesn’t hurt at all but honestly it just looks like it would hurt so don’t worry.

👤 Nyongan nyongan I’m a BLINK~! I came here because I wanted a reply from you~
↪️🐰 Hello hello I am Jisoo~! I came here to reply to BLINKs~

👤 Let’s meet at the 1st exit of dreamland station.
↪️🐰 Hahahahah so funny. 🤣 Okay let’s gather today.

👤 JISOO! What’s your hair color now?
↪️🐰 Almost black?! I dyed it darker again (and it’s been a while) did no one notice…? Is it that black and brown are not that different… 😢 Hahahahaha.

👤 If you were a Marvel character, what do you want to be? I want to see Captain-Jisoo hahaha.
↪️🐰 I only watched Guardians of the Galaxy so… hmm… I want to be Groot! I like trees!

👤 If you could be any element from Elemental, what would you choose?
↪️🐰 Water! Seems convenient to travel around…


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