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JISOO on Weverse

👤 Snakehead? Jagalchi? Looks yummy (the two words sound similar).
↪️🐰 I’m hungry.

👤 Jisoo~~ so pretty!!! Saving you in my heart!!!!
↪️🐰 No you’re going to save it in your gallery!

👤 Please reply my love! If you don’t, I might cry.
↪️🐰 My loving BLINK, do not cry.

👤 Where do you learn those memes.
↪️🐰 You mean snakehead..? From my brain hehe.

👤 Jisoonie~ When are you going on the hot pot date with Jiyeon.
↪️🐰 Actually we do pretty often!

👤 Jisoo what does “🪐” mean?
↪️🐰 Mars. I’m Saturn, this is me being too immersed into this topic.

👤 I’m crying.
↪️🐰 Wipe wipe.

👤 What was your favorite restaurant in Berlin???
↪️🐰 There was a great Korean restaurant so I visited it twice!

👤 My birthday is May 15th.
↪️🐰 Are you an Asian black bear?!

👤 Why do you only reply to funny comments??????? You’re too harsh.
↪️🐰 Nope I’m not! Hehe blep.

👤 I’m getting stressed out so much these days. 😭 How do you stay positive all the time?
↪️🐰 It may only seem like that, I’m angry Jisoo.

👤 What do you want to try first when you come to Osaka???
↪️🐰 I’m excited what should I do hehe nom nom.

👤 Regular tteokbokkie or Rosé tteokbokkie?!
↪️🐰 Every tteokbokkie.

👤 Shoong did you not have dinner???
↪️🐰 I get hungry no matter how much I eat. ㅜ

👤 I want to try coffee made by you (I like milk too).
↪️🐰 I haven’t even tried it myself!

👤 I saw you change your Instagram profile picture!! Is there going to be some upcoming big news!!?!
↪️🐰 Ah no just… I wanted to change it… If I made you look forward for anything, I’m sorry.


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