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🐰 BLINKs, thank you for being with me today for a long time. I thought I would be lonely as a solo, but my day was completely filled as I was with BLINKs! If I was alone I might’ve not made it through, but thank you for giving me energy and everyone! The sun rose!!!! I’m sorry and thank you and be careful on your way back home. Let’s cherish today for a long time I love you good night!!!!

👤 Me me.
↪️🐰 First comment!!! Hehehe.

👤 Hey pretty, did you do well at the recording?
↪️🐰 BLINK cheered for me loudly. 😎

🐰 It was so early in the morning. ㅠㅠ I’m so sorry to keep you guys waiting for so long but I was really touched and I’m so thankful. 🥲🥲

🐰 Everyone go in and get some rest! Make sure to eat too!!! Be careful not to catch a cold!! Haha BLINKEU! Please look forward to the broadcasts filmed today that are coming out next week and the following week. 🥰

👤 Thanks to Jisoo. I’m tired but I’m not tired!! Lol.
↪️🐰 Haha this! I’m full of energy right now!! 😂❤️ Kekeke.

👤 I saw the fan signing event, pre-recording and when you were heading back home from work. We spend the day together. 🥰❤️
↪️🐰 A long day!! I was happy that we were together and it was a complete day so fun! Hehe. 🥰

👤 Jisoo is the energetic type hehehe, so cute.
↪️🐰 Pow!!! Keke receive my energy!!!

👤 Did you tell any lies for April Fool’s Day?
↪️🐰 I was going to draw a fake mole on my face and call it April Fool’s mole, but I forgot. ㅠ Boohoo. ㅠ My April Fool’s mole.

👤 So pretty Jisoo I will wait for you in Mexico. I love you. ^^
↪️🐰 Mexico!! Heart fluttering. ❤️🌹

🐰 Haha I’m going to go now!!! Get some rest!!!! I was thankful so I wanted to greet you!! Thank you. BLINK ♥️ BLACKPINK forever! 😆 I love you. ♥️


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