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JENNIE on Weverse Membership

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🐻 Here is the selfie with the bear hat. 🤎 I missed you so much and was happy to see you ~ I’m bad at taking selfies so this was the best I could do.. Please edit it nicely haha Let’s see each other often. ✨ I love you my BLINKs.

🐻 I’m fast.

👤 I’m here to keep my promise. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Are you an angel?
↪️🐻 Of course. 😉

🐻 I’ll eat seolleongtang and go to sleep.

👤 It would be nice if Jennie, who was looking for Korean replies, saw this and left a comment~~
↪️🐻 🤍

👤 Jendeukie’s favorite brown pants. 👖🤎 The pictures on that day are all legendary.
↪️🐻 How did you know that those are my favorite pants?

👤 Heukheuk.
↪️🐻 Heukheuk.

👤 Jennie, why do you look like Kuma? But you didn’t sleep, did you? I’m worried.. see you often my love. 🥹❤️❤️
↪️🐻 I’m also amazed.. I also think I look like Kuku.

👤 Jennie, what song did you listen to today?
↪️🐻 Beyoncé’s new song !!!!!!!!!

🐻 Sorry for waking you up, until today! I’ll come to play again soon thank you BLINK. Good morning and good night. 🌙

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