News“Gone” & “MONEY” Were Selected Among the 6 K-Pop B-Sides That Broke the Internet in 2021 by Rolling Stone

“Gone” & “MONEY” Were Selected Among the 6 K-Pop B-Sides That Broke the Internet in 2021 by Rolling Stone

ROSÉ – Gone

“Gone” is a single recorded by BLACKPINK’s Rosé, for her debut album R. It is a soft, indie rock ballad that summarizes the aftermath of a relationship gone sour and the tragic loneliness that often ensues. The heart-wrenching music video is filmed in an old, ornately embellished house, where the scenes swing between the past and the present. As happy, carefree shots of Rosé smelling flowers, sipping red wine and dining with her lover are replaced by evocative, paradoxical shots of flaming flowers, spilled wine and the singer-songwriter dejectedly dining alone at a table meant for two — evidently unable to move on from the trauma of the failed relationship.

Earlier this year, a delicate dance routine choreographed to the teaser audio of Rosé’s “Gone” blew up on Tiktok and Instagram Reels, helping amplify the mass recognition and acclaim received by R and its lead single “On The Ground.”


The second single from BLACKPINK member Lisa’s solo debut album Lalisa, “Money” is a groovy, swaggering hip-hop track where the Thai rapper (rightfully) boasts about earning and spending her “dollar bills” in abundance. The song’s official performance video mixes power-packed choreography with elaborate, astutely curated set designs, varying from abandoned streets with neon billboards flashing “Money is a terrible master, but an excellent servant,” to warehouses with all-white LED backdrops.

Besides the track’s standalone audio, its catchy hook choreography, along with an exceptionally viral “meme version” clip – trended on Tiktok and Instagram Reels in the form of dance covers, transformation edits and most notably, edits to the hit Netflix series Squid Game.

cr. Rolling Stone

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