NewsBLACKPINK Become the First Artist in History to Reach 80 Million Subscribers on YouTube

BLACKPINK Become the First Artist in History to Reach 80 Million Subscribers on YouTube

The number of subscribers on BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel (LISA, ROSÉ, JISOO, JENNIE) surpassed 80 million.

YG Entertainment said on the 5th that the number of subscribers on BLACKPINK’s official account surpassed 80 million as of 4:38AM the same day. This comes in about six years and three months since the channel was opened, and is also the most and first record made by any artist around the world.

The number of subscribers on their channel increased by nearly 3 million at once, right before and after the release of the M/V for their pre-release single of their 2nd full album ‘Pink Venom’ on the 19th of August. This was a living proof of the extraordinary expectations of fans around the world for BLACKPINK’s comeback.

In July 2020, BLACKPINK made their presence clear by putting up their name on the TOP 5 YouTube subscribers list, which was a first for a non-English speaking artist. Since then, it climbed its way to the top by surpassing famous pop stars such as Ariana Grande, Eminem, Ed Sheeran, Marshmallow, and Justin Bieber one by one.

Considering the fact that YouTube is leading changes in the global pop market, this feat is more than meaningful. The number of subscribers on a YouTube channel is not about simple curiosity about the content or a one-off viewing figure, but an indication of the steady interest and expectation of loyal fans. The number of views for music videos and streaming of music videos derived from the number of subscribers naturally exerts influence, and also affects major global charts such as the U.S. Billboard.

So far, the cumulative number of views of BLACKPINK’s video content posted on YouTube has exceeded 26 billion. ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ is the first K-pop M/V to soon reach 2 billion views. And the group has a total of 33 videos that have hundreds of millions of views, including Kill This Love (1.6 billion views)’, ‘BOOMBAYAH (1.4 billion views)’, ‘As If It’s Your Last (1.2 billion views)’, and the performance video for ‘How You Like That (1.2 billion views).

BLACKPINK started off the release of their teasing promotion ahead of the release of their 2nd full album ‘BORN PINK’ on the 16th.

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