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JISOO for Vogue France March 2023

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My Best Memory

Was the first BLACKPINK concert in Seoul, South Korea. Of course, we have done big stages since then, but this one was so special to me because I was together with my fans in a place where I have seen concerts of other singers myself. And most importantly, getting to look into BLINKs’ eyes while I’m on stage. I do everything to really transmit my energy to them because it may be a day they will never forget. An extraordinary emotion.


These days I spend more time with the girls than with my family. It’s a relationship that surpasses everything. We understand each other without words. We become each others’ source of energy, which gives us motivation and impacts us positively. All four of us, we are together for this journey, and that’s where our synergy is created.

Her High-Energy Fans

I always thank mine and BLACKPINK’s fans. I keep all the precious moments we have had in my heart. I would like to give back that love. Their energy gives me the strength every second. They can gain joy just from looking at us, but there are also those that tell us we helped them find motivation in their daily lives again, especially in moments of difficulty. Those stories really encourage and motivate me. It makes me more aware about my role. In a sense, I feel a certain responsibility towards them.

Her Free Time

I like to be contemplative. Meditating in my own space. Thinking about everything and nothing. I listen to classical or soft music. Those thought-free moments, without TV or phone are indispensable for me to get a rest. I also like to do Pilates and go for walks. Sometimes, I also must sit on a bench and observe nature. I make the best of these moments after my busy schedules.

Since my childhood, I have never been scared of challenges and I rarely regret my choices. I think that is why I enjoy my work.

A Bright Future

I am not someone who looks at the near future, I see further. I strive to live my dream. I will live doing what I want, as I am now. I would also like a solo career. Of course, it won’t be easy to present myself as JISOO and not as BLACKPINK without the other four members, but it’s exciting.

At the beginning, I had monthly evaluations. It wasn’t just to measure my talent for singing and dancing, but also aspects that showed who I am and what potential I have. So you had to constantly reflect on it. I could never forget those days because they represent all the hard work I poured into it. Thanks to these irreplaceable moments, I am now able to reflect and figure out what is best for me when I am faced with a new challenge.

BORN PINK World Tour

Once on stage, the BLACKPINK members interact with the crowd. Their smiles, gestures, winks,… They’re not just pretty faces, but charismatic artists who create their own universe. It’s fun, but very powerful.

The production of their tours is much greater than any of a Western group. There were 27 trucks, a team of 110 people, a stage that lifts up, a movable deck of lights, confetti, lasers and pyrotechnic, half a dozen screens that open and close. It’s a monumental show with a high level of technology. People from all around the world traveled to Paris to see them. The entire fashion and entertainment industry was there.

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Behind the Scenes

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