InterviewsW Korea Interview With JENNIE (September 2021)

W Korea Interview With JENNIE (September 2021)

There seems to be no end to BLACKPINK’s surprising news. Along with the icons of the century, they became ambassadors to shine in the world of fashion. They also have the record of the most played music video in 24 hours. They always have renewed their own surprises that have been presented as BLACKPINK. The most recent surprise was presented by Jennie. Jennie, Chanel Ambassador, has been a representative example of the synergy effect that occurs when brands and celebrities meet. Now, she is the first Korean celebrity to participate in Chanel’s fashion global campaign. If you go to Chanel’s website now, you can see Jennie looking at us with her fascinating eyes with the phrase ‘Coco Neige Jennie The Face Of The 2021/22 Collection Campaign’. On the other hand, I wonder if it is a fuss to be surprised that Jennie has become a model for the Chanel Coco Neige collection global campaign. Because there was this saying in the various overseas news, “It is too natural for fans of BLACKPINK that Jennie has become the face of a global campaign. Fans have always called her ‘Human Chanel’ since 2017”.

Creative director Virginie Viard’s ski suits and winter costumes, inspired by snowy mountains, gathered at the studio for the pictorial shoot of <W>. (The collection will be available at Chanel Boutique from October 19th.) “The news that I could participate in the campaign was like a dream. I think my responsibility and joy have also grown.” Jennie, who wore Chanel’s sports & outdoor line, Coco Neige Collection, before anyone else in Korea, expressed her feelings.

If Jennie’s appearance in the recently released campaign photo of duo photographers Inez and Vinoodh is “black”, Jennie in the cover pictorial of is more like “pink”. Will Inez and Vinoodh know that Jennie has a female and girl figure, and sometimes attractive when she makes a sulky or rebellious expression?

All we wanted to do to capture the version of Jennie was makeup that doesn’t hide her
natural expression, and herself moving freely in front of the camera. The way she stands with her toes folded inward and holds the chain clutch, and the way she stands with her feet apart and stares at the camera with her hands in the pocket are all Jennie-like attitudes. 

In early October, Jennie went to Paris Fashion Week to attend Chanel’s 2022 S/S collection. The Eiffel Tower was seen in a recent photo posted on her Instagram. “I was so excited to attend the show after a long time. The bright and active atmosphere of the 1980s, the models’ exciting expressions and walking stood out. The busy flashes and shutter sounds of photographers also made me feel the atmosphere of the show venue lively. All the costumes are beautiful, so it’s hard to choose only one piece you like, but… the muslin dress that appeared at the end of the show is the most memorable. I could feel the fit and mood of the 80s and 90s. It was so nice that even the accessories were harmonized.” The constant shutter sound and flash of the showroom resonate in the ears and leave an afterimage even when entering a quiet hotel room, but Jennie seems to have felt a welcome vitality in the disturbance surrounded after a long time.

“Accessories are indispensable items to complete my look. Depending on how I match it, I can show my taste and ideas, and it plays an important role in determining the overall tone of the look.” In an interview exactly a year ago, Jennie also talked about her ‘accessory love’. She said she has collected jewelry well since childhood, and she especially likes the ring among Chanel’s Coco Crush items. “Personally, I like to find symbols of brands such as the initials ‘CHANEL’ and logos in the collection. I also liked this collection more than I expected.”

Considering the strangely fast-paced time, we can slowly reflect on the various S/S collections introduced by Paris Fashion Week. Before that, the season we have to pass is winter. The Coco Neige collection contains elegance and free movement that breaks preconceived notions about ski suits. Is there any similarity between that and Jennie? “The costumes of the Coco Neige collection have various charms. The way Virginie Viard combines elegance with her ski suit is amazing, and it seems that various unpredictable collections have been completed. When I unravel a story with a melody while I’m working on music, I try to think of the styling that suits it as an unconventional concept. That way, I can give people different fun every time. Wouldn’t there be something similar in that regard?” For someone, winter is a season when their body shrinks, but someone with confident weapons waits for winter to come soon. Jennie said, “I especially like winter sports, and this winter, I definitely want to go skiing with the Coco Neige collection!”

Chanel and Jennie. Jennie and Chanel. It’s been a long time since the combination of the two has become natural. Now that Jennie is selected as a model for the global campaign for the Chanel 2021/22 ‘Coco Neige’ collection, Jennie and Chanel’s friendship has peaked. Jennie was selected as Chanel’s Ambassador in 2017, a year after her debut as a member of BLACKPINK in 2016. Since then, she has performed a showcase at the opening event of the Seoul flagship store in 2019, imprinting her “human Chanel” aspect of this era. Chanel and Jennie’s strong relationship has continued for a long time; she was invited as a house ambassador to watch the video of the 2021/22 F/W Ready to Wear show held in March, left a special video, and talked to Caroline de Maigret about the show. Therefore, the news of Jennie, who was selected as a global model for the Coco Neige campaign, is even more meaningful.

The Coco Neige Collection is Chanel’s sports & outdoor line with snow and skiing as motifs, just like the name of the collection, which means “snow” in French. Regarding the mountain-inspired collection, Jennie said, “I was amazed at the way Virginie Viard applied elegance to ski wear. Virginie Viard creates new things for a variety of women, and every collection she makes has a different special story.”

Jennie, in the campaign featuring world-renowned duo photographers Inez and Vinoodh from the Netherlands, gives off a different feeling for each cut. She is confident, seductive, rebellious, cheerful, and free. You can feel the confidence in the silk top with a camellia-decorated veil, an AirPod case and a chain belt. And in the close-fitting top and pants printed with snowflake shapes, a knit jacket, and with a pose emphasizing her body’s line, you can feel the charm. In the black print knit top look, where the point is a mini bag over the gloves and arms, she expressed rebellion with one eye covered, and the black&white cut in a ski suit with her hair completely pulled back is full of cheerfulness. Meanwhile, the look of pink jogger pants and cashmere tops with white padded coat exudes freedom.

These five sporty photos set in black and gray tones contains a plenty of provocative and lovely mood shared by Chanel and Jennie. From two-tone colors to camellia, the house’s aesthetic code and elegance are exquisitely permeated into all photos. This is Jennie’s ability to fully understand Chanel and Coco Neige collection and express it in her own expression and style.

Jennie always ‘Jennie-ized’ Chanel with her own sense. The Chanel items Jennie wore is
something different. Jennie’s Chanel style, which makes you look closely again at the collection, is young and hip. This is due to her unrivaled attitude of wearing and expressing clothes.

The behind-the-scenes cut of the Coco Neige collection campaign naturally depicts the filming site. Jennie, with a sporty down jacket, closes her eyes as if she is comfortable, but at some point, she also overwhelms the scene with a strong look at the camera. She showed off her charm by utilizing the angle of her body while wearing denim on a cropped top that reveals her belly and waist. Also, she quickly created an alluring mood with knit pants that emphasizes her body line, high heels, and short down jacket. “I like to enjoy winter sports in the snow. I really like the feeling of snow. Wearing this outfit, I think I can go skiing right away tomorrow.” she said, expressing her feelings about the collection at the site.

Starting with Chanel’s ambassador, and finally became the brand’s representative face as a
global model. This year’s campaign gave Jennie a heart-throbbing excitement. Now, all we have to do is just to wait for a fun project that Jennie and Chanel, Chanel and Jennie will present.

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