InterviewsW Korea Interview With JENNIE (July 2022)

W Korea Interview With JENNIE (July 2022)

How is Jennie’s time going these days?

I’m still having busy, hectic days. I’ve been working hard on my album and working out.

We did a cover photoshoot with the concept of “A pop-up store full of Jennie’s inspiration”. Jennie’s taste and storytelling are all over the set. Stacked dolls, a wall full of Suzanne Vega’s lyrics, and “Mood Indigo” playing from the TV set… If you look closely, Jennie’s code is hidden everywhere.

The set was decorated with dolls, songs, and movies that I like, so I had a lot of fun while filming. Especially when I filmed in a lot of dolls, it felt like I was back in my childhood, so I had a lot of fun.

It was your first time lying on top of so many dolls, right? Imagine a magical event that could fill Jennie’s house with something one day, just like our set was full of teddy bears, what would you like it to be filled with?

If such magic happens, I want to fill the house with clouds. I like clouds, and I wonder what it would feel like if I could actually touch them. Or I think it would be exciting to fill a corner of the room with jelly.

In March, you went to the 2022 F/W Chanel show in Paris. When you met with last fall through the “Coco Neige Collection” campaign, you said, “If I go to Paris again, I want to feel more of Paris’ unique romantic sensibility and atmosphere, and relax more.” How was it this time?

Paris is always romantic and has its own atmosphere, but unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy it leisurely because my schedule was too tight. Still I had a great time watching new shows and experiencing many things with Chanel.

I heard you visited one of Chanel’s workshops, Lesage. I heard that it is an embroidery and tweed workshop established in 1924. It must have been a very special experience to see the work process of craftsmen embroidering colorful patterns.

It was my first time to go to Lesage, and I could feel the heritage of the workshop. It was very impressive to see craftsmen working on extremely tiny pieces with their hands. I took a close look at how they worked. Each task was so sophisticated and also the mechanism was so complicated that I was mesmerized.

Did you ask some questions?

There was a young craftsman my age. I asked her when she started this job. If I go to Paris next time, I want to go to some other workshops.

Even if it takes a long time to complete a task, people who work carefully like hand sewing are often compared to a ‘craftsmanship’. Jennie and craftmen are both person who creates something. What inspiration did you get from the craftsmen?

I realized once again the importance of effort and sincerity by looking at craftsmen who work delicately, elaborately, quickly, and accurately at the same time. The time they devoted to getting used to the work cannot be ignored, and when those times accumulate, great results are born. I realized once again that effort never betrays me.

Chanel’s Workshop Collection contains excellent skills of craftsmen, not only embroidery, but also detailed elements such as hats and feather decorations. You’ve seen and worn Chanel a lot so far, but you must’ve tried the workshop collection for the first time with this shoot. How did you feel?

It felt more new when I tried on the clothes myself after visiting the workshop. These were clothes that I thought were simply pretty before, but now I can see more of the small details of the clothes.

Speaking of ‘craftsman’ reminds me of the word ‘history’. What’s the item with the longest history in Jennie’s closet, which is filled with a lot of new products every season?

I think it’s the first Chanel classic bag my mom gave me. It’s meaningful, and I’m used to it the most, so I can’t throw it away even after a while.

Among Jennie’s YouTube videos, the vlog you filmed comfortably is fun to watch. Is there anything you’re into these days?

These days, I’m into animal videos and I watch them before I go to bed or when I have time. I watch documentaries or YouTube clips. I feel healed when I see the pure appearance of animals.

You also have an Instagram account where you post your own photos. What kind of taste does photographer Jennie have?

I tend to capture natural moments. It’s not about directing or decorating. It’s about the naturalness of a moment. I like to keep those moments as a record of photography.

I saw you going to Coachella Music Festival on SNS recently. Of course you had fun, right? (laughs)

Maybe because it’s been a while since I’ve been there, the stage, the sound, and the energy that people give me were even more touching. Also I was inspired by many artists’ performances.

Jennie is a superstar who is often invited to special events like the Chanel show. Each time you have a fantastic experience, you get countless spotlights. On the other hand, I think the more experiences you have, the less touched you may be than in the past. Is there a small effort or way to not forget the feeling of being touched and grateful?

Rather than making a special effort, I try to cherish every moment. Even if there are many shows and performances, not all of them are in the same moment. There’s only one moment. I tend to remember that and cherish every moment.

What kind of compliments make you feel better?

I think compliments of any kind are all pleasant things. Still, it makes me feel the happiest when someone acknowledges and recognizes my efforts.

When you make an important choice in life, do you trust your senses and judgment, or do you listen to the opinions of others?

If I have to say it, I believe in my senses and judgment more. Of course I ask people for their opinions and get a lot of advice, but I express my thoughts more rather than following others’ opinions.

Is there anything you want to do or perform in your dreams?

I want to perform with BLINKs all over the world. It will be difficult in reality, but it will be very touching if we all get together.

The longer-than-expected pandemic is really coming to an end. There are a lot of things you haven’t done in two years. Is there anything you want to do in the future?

I want to do photo shoots in various places overseas. The atmosphere and impression of each country and city are different, so I think it would be nice to work with various concepts in various countries.

Lastly… Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Thank you for waiting for a long time, and we’ll be back soon!

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