InterviewsMarie Claire Korea Interview With JISOO (September 2022)

Marie Claire Korea Interview With JISOO (September 2022)

You met Marie Claire again after a year. In this photo shoot with Christian Dior Beauty, Jisoo’s various charms are captured between boldness and elegance.

I’m excited because I think I’ll be able to show my various sides to people. I often think that I want to show a different and new side of me than before. I hope this pictorial with Dior Beauty will be a great gift for the fans.

There’s another gift that fans recently received. BLACKPINK’s ‘BORN PINK’ project has started. And the song ‘Pink Venom’ from your second full-length album “BORN PINK” was pre-released on August 19th.

Since it’s a new album in a year and 10 months, I’m feeling a lot of emotions at the same time. But the biggest emotion among them is anticipation. We wanted to let people hear BLACKPINK’s new album asap, so we worked hard on it. I worked hard not only on music, but also on the choreography, costumes, music videos, and physical fitness. I hope everyone can enjoy BLACKPINK’s comeback.

Everyone feels nervous or burdened to some extent when they are about to release the results they have completed by constant effort. Jisoo, do you have your own way to use these emotions positively?

I believe in myself and try to move forward firmly. I don’t think you’ll regret it later if you don’t get easily swayed by your emotions and do the most passion you can do every moment.

I think it’s an artist’s destiny to repeat the process of being loved and returning the love they received. Jisoo, you exchanges love with so many people. Then what’s your favorite target these days?

I try to take good care of myself and embrace myself. When loved ones are sick or sad, they can’t let go of their worries and become so lethargic that they can’t do anything. For those who send me infinite affection, I will continue to make myself stronger.

In interview with Marie Claire before, you said about yourself as a ‘born hard worker’. If you could add more effort and pick one thing that you really want to try someday, what is it?

I wish I could swim. Because there were many times when I was the only one in BLACKPINK who couldn’t swim. It’s a task I’ve always had in my mind, so I want to try it if I have a chance.

Do you think you’ll get to try it before this year ends?

This year, above all, I’m going to focus on showing a new side of myself as an artist. While
preparing for our comeback, I spent last spring and summer living in the studio. Our new album will be released soon, and our world tour will begin in October. I think I can fill the rest of 2022 with fun and meaningful things. I hope I can convey the energy of happiness to someone through music. Even if the size of energy is very small, it will be a great pleasure for me.

What do you want to say when you are on the world tour stage with new music and meet audiences around the world for the first time in a while?

I’m going to say that I missed them so much and that I’ve been looking forward to seeing them again. After that I’ll ask them “How have you been?”

Perhaps because of that, you are active in achieving many things. A few days ago, I heard that it was your 6th debut anniversary. What kind of changes did the past days make to you, Jisoo?

Actually, I thought I didn’t change at all until last year. Looking back, I think I’ve grown a lot over the past 6 years; 10 years if I include the trainee years. Even when difficult moments approached, I overcame them well. I can now face the things that I would be tired and hard to do in the past with a smile. I feel much more relaxed nowadays.

What hasn’t changed over the years?

I often have a conversation with myself. I should be the one who knows Jisoo the best. So no matter how busy I am, I have been closely examining my thoughts and feelings.

Why do you think you don’t lose yourself even when you’re busy?

It’s all thanks to people. In the past, I tried to carry all the difficulties by myself, but these days, I’m learning how to rely on people around me and share difficulties with them. I’m gaining a lot of strength from the generous support of my loved ones. Love is one of the most meaningful things to me, even though it’s invisible. I’m very happy when I’m with my beloved fans, and the time I spend with them heals me. Because of these processes, I think artist Jisoo and human Kim Jisoo are here now.

What kind of person do you want to be to those who support you?

I’m not going to show only the good side of me. If they’re someone who really supports me, I want to be honest with them. So I want to be a person who can make my heart reach the other person even if I say a single word. These days, I’m trying to express myself actively even if it’s awkward and embarrassing. (laughs)

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