InterviewsJENNIE Interview With Vogue Korea (May 2024)

JENNIE Interview With Vogue Korea (May 2024)

JENNIE talks about her new label ODD ATELIER.

As a person who’s way of doing things are always displayed to the public, it is my role to showcase something new every time. I always think, ‘what should I showcase this time.’ I wanted to create a space where I could focus on that as much as I want to.

Rules in the new agency?

Sharing new ideas immediately. And working happily in their own environment. I believe that when those two are fulfilled, a good synergy will be created. And a good synergy creates a ‘new’ that catches people’s eyes.

What impressive words of advice did you hear from your mother ahead of the new start?

My mother tends to believe in me in everything I choose to do. We discussed a lot especially this year, her advice that I don’t need to be in a hurry and that I am able to shine well if I do things the “Jennie-way,” helped me a lot in gathering my own mind.

In March, you released a surprise single “Slow Motion” in collaboration with American singer-songwriter Matt Champion. ‘I’m glad I can finally share my sincerity and message in this song with you,’ but with what kind of heart did you work on it? I wonder what kind of memory the collaboration with him remains.

Brockhampton, which is a group Matt Champion is involved in, is a group that I had liked before, I especially liked Matt’s voice. We got close and we created a song together while hanging out comfortably in the studio. We had great harmony so I enjoyed working with him. We got to see good results thanks to the smooth work process. We didn’t intend this but I think the release date matched the weather and atmosphere of these days well and I felt the vibe of the song to be better that way.

Feedback regarding the ‘new’ Jennie.

I think I showcased many new sides of myself through a variety show appearance after 5 years. I attained fun nicknames like, “detective Jen”, “Gangster-Jen.” I showcased conceptual fashion that matched the changing time era of each episode and it gained more positive feedback than I thought it would. I enjoyed reading fans’ feedback every time a new episode releases.

On music.

These days, I spend almost every hour of my day working on music, not knowing that time has gone by. I’m working hard because I want to share my music with more people, with bolder ambition, so please look forward to it. I’ll come back with a cool appearance to meet those expectations.

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