InterviewsELLE Korea Interview With ROSÉ (June 2022)

ELLE Korea Interview With ROSÉ (June 2022)

It’s already late at night. What kind of days are you spending these days? Are you sleeping well?

I sleep really well. I wake up much more earlier than before. I guess it’s because I’m living a full life every day. When you get back home from a busy day, you feel, “Wow, I’m finally in bed!” I’m like that these days.

But there were also times when you couldn’t sleep well. And I heard that you used ‘Calm‘, a voice application that helps you meditate and sleep well. I listened to the story you participated in the narration last night, and it really made me feel at ease.

I wanted to participate in the narration because I wanted to experience something different, but I didn’t expect I would be given a chance to do it! I was able to relax by listening to other people’s voices, but on the other hand, I was worried if my voice could give people that kind of power. I wanted to make this app known more through me, and help people sleep well.

I heard that you recently matched Tiffany’s bracelet with your mother. What does it mean to you to wear jewelry with a precious person?

I remember sharing friendship rings since I was young. Last year, our family bought matching rings. But I think this is the first time that I got matching items only for me and my mom. It’s fun and also meaningful to me.

Do you tend to be cautious when making promises with others?

Of course. Promises are not just words for others, but also for myself. I use the word ‘promise’ very carefully when I talk.

Tiffany’s new campaign, “Yellow is the New Blue“. You’re wearing a lot of yellow gold accessories today.

Interestingly, I recently heard that yellow looks good on me. It was the first time I heard it in my life, so it was refreshing! Thanks to that, I’ve developed a lot of feelings for yellow. (laughs)

I guess praise is the way to your heart. When you filmed the YouTube film interview, you were really happy talking about what you were complimented on in the recording studio.

Of course. I like compliments. Please compliment me as much as you want.

You posted eight pictures of the scenery on Instagram to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. I wonder how you chose these pictures.

I think I picked more than 20 pictures at first. I chose the recent photos that I didn’t even edit, and I was really impressed looking at the gallery of my phone. I thought that nature is beautiful no matter how I take it

The last place you went to for work was LA, right? What do you always pack in your suitcase?

I try to bring the things that I usually use. I used to think I could just go and buy what I need at the time, but I realized that it was a waste to buy things what I already have in home. Also there are times when I don’t have enough time to go buy what I need. I think I need to pack more diligently before I leave.

Everyone is feeling that the time when there were restrictions on tour and stage is almost over. In the meantime, many artists faced new challenges and had many things to stop.

Without this time, time would have passed by like crazy. It was a time to realize that meeting and performing in front of the fans should not be taken for granted and that it was a thankful thing. There’s a saying, “Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.” I totally agree. When we could come back, I want to pay back our fans more enthusiastically and passionately.

The day you could go back to the stage is coming soon. How do you feel?

I’m so excited! People start to get excited a few weeks before their birthday. That’s exactly how I feel right now.

As time goes by, people often ask artists to change and challenge themselves.

I think it’s important to show a more developed or changed image as a person, and also as an artist since they’re loved by many people. It doesn’t always have to be better, but I always try to think about how I want to express myself.

I was impressed by your short hair today.

Really? That’s good to hear. (laughs) When I make a decision on what to look like, I naturally think of the people who support me. ‘Wouldn’t BLINKs like this look? They’ll definitely be surprised! I always look forward to their reactions and I’m always excited about it. It’s also connected to what I really want to do.

When I think of BLACKPINK and Rosé, I think of them walking forward confidently. Are you a brave person to feel for yourself?

I have a brave side, and there are moments when I become bold for no reason. Wouldn’t it be like that for everyone? When I think about myself in the past, I often think ‘Wow, how did I do that’, and get amazed at myself. Piercing my ears is one of them. I didn’t hesitate at all at the time, but now that I think about it, I wonder how I did it. I don’t think I can do it again.

You have a job where you have to stand in front of a lot of people and do something bold. But I wonder if there are moments when you become timid.

If it’s something you have to put your love and heart into, you have no choice but to think a lot. I usually start to get really worried. But I think it’s natural to have that kind of emotion. It means that it’s as important as you’re worried. And then at some point, I take courage in my own way. Saying ‘Trust in me!’ (laughs)

You’ve had a lot of experience and met a lot of people. What kind of attitude do you think is wise?

Well, I used to think I knew all the answers. But now I accept that I am also a person who learns through trial and error day by day. I think people who are prepared to accept any possibility or opinion, and people who know that what they know is not everything, are wise. Someone who try to listen to other people’s opinions and say that they have a point.

You’re trying to be like that, right?

I’m still so young, and there’s still so much left to learn, but why did I think I knew everything in the past? You know, there are times when you have too much confidence in yourself. Now I try to think as much as possible with an open mind and decide my position by combining various opinions and possibilities. Even though I’m the one who makes the final decision, I try to hear a different opinion at least once.

You released three cover songs on your personal YouTube channel earlier this year. Oasis, Coldplay, and Neck Deep… They were all British band songs. Your cover songs went viral overseas.

I didn’t mean to sing songs of a particular genre. I chose songs that make me happy when I hear them on the street, songs that I enjoy listening to these days, and songs that remind me of the past.

As we can see in the music entertainment show , you seem to enjoy the whole process of arranging and singing songs.

When I imagine myself singing a particular song, it’s kind of in my head. What I want is largely certain. When the sound I imagined doesn’t come true, we try to find another way together. If the guitar riff that someone improvised is better than I thought, I try to use it. All of those processes are fun.

What is the good thing about starting your career as a singer with the four members as BLACKPINK?

I’m just happy that the members are my members. The more we work together, the more I think about it. In the past, I felt like they were friends who went to the same school as me and lived in the same dormitory. But these days, I feel we’re really like sisters. My unnies (Jisoo, Jennie) and my twin (Lisa). (laughs) I feel like I have another family that I can contact anytime. I’m so happy because I rely on my loved ones a lot.

Is there anything you want to say consciously to people?

Even if it’s a really short conversation or even when I’m very busy, I try to say ‘I love you’ when I hang up after a call with my family. “Alice, what time shall we make it? Okay. Love you, bye.” Like this. There were times when I didn’t do it because I was shy. But if I don’t, I really don’t get a chance to say I love them. Make sure you try it. It’s really important to express your mind. Challenge!

I will. Challenge! (laughs) What point of music still makes your heart beat?

It changes every time. These days, it’s fun to grasp the air in space and play proper music at that moment. As soon as the music that fits the mood is played, you can feel that everyone who was with you is happy. When I tried baking recently, I turned on hip-hop music and baking became 20 times more fun.

You have the ability to DJ!

I’ve never thought that was DJing, but it makes sense. Though I don’t want people to focus on me when I choose music. (laughs) I think music is really powerful. When you listen to a radio show, someone always tries to play music that fits the moment. It’s just that we don’t usually feel it.

It’s already past 1 a.m., what kind of music should I play on my way home?

Well, hip-hop is good, but I think jazz will go well with it too. It’s hard to choose because I’ve been listening to various genres of music these days. In the past, I thought I was a person who likes particular genre of music. But these days, I try not to live in one mood.

You said earlier that you are cautious when making promises. Still, can you promise one thing?

I will continue to live a fun and enjoyable life! Is that a good answer? (laughs)

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