InterviewsELLE Korea Interview With JENNIE (February 2022)

ELLE Korea Interview With JENNIE (February 2022)

You posted a picture of you going to the mountain on your SNS, with a cute caption ‘Getting a lot of good energy from the mountain’.

I think the beauty of nature is irreplaceable. Not only the blue scenery that I see with my own
eyes, but also the sound of stepping on the snow, and the feeling of clear air. I feel like everything is being healed by those things themselves. I gained energy from nature and also made a resolution for a new year.

What kind of resolution did you make there? It’s February, a good time to make a late New
Year’s resolution.

“I want to spend a healthier year in both my body and mind.” This is my goal for this year. In terms of work, I have a desire to show myself growing more than last year. I also want to meet BLINKs in person as soon as possible and be with them.

I invited Jennie to the kitchen for today’s shoot. It’s a place where meals and stories come
and go at home. What kind of space is the kitchen for Jennie?

At home, the kitchen is both the most comfortable and a precious place. I also have the most conversations with my family when I eat in the kitchen. I sometimes watch my mom cook next to me.

You became the new campaign model for Chanel Coco Crush. As Chanel’s house ambassador, Coco Crush and Jennie’s combination is familiar, but nevertheless, this fact still feels amazing and new.

It was an honor to film a jewelry campaign for a brand that I wear normally. The campaign will begin in January, so by the time you watch this interview, most of the campaign images and videos will be released. I would be happy if you liked my new self with Coco Crush.

Jennie’s own styling method is to mix Coco Crush’s white, yellow, and beige gold. Is there any other styling method you found it recently?

I still like to mix colors and wear them. I usually prefer a comfortable style. That’s why I like jewelry that’s comfortable when I wear it without being too fancy. Also small elements that don’t stand out at first sight, are very attractive.

In Korea, the understanding of jewelry is increasing day by day. Interest in fine jewelry is also growing. What does jewelry mean to Jennie?

It’s an essential part of styling! I also try to pay a lot of attention to jewelry when styling. Even in the same look, the atmosphere and point vary depending on what jewelry you wear.

In the last meeting with ELLE, you said you get new inspiration in the process of meeting and communicating with various people. How was Paris that you visited recently after a long time? Is there a new place you found?

I met friends I hadn’t seen for a long time. We ate delicious food together. (smiles) I also went to museums and galleries from time to time, and there were many new things I discovered there. It was really good.

How are your dogs Kai and Kuma? What was the most memorable moment you spent with them recently?

Not long ago, on a snowy day, we took a walk together, and I remember them running around
excitedly. It was so cute and lovely that I took a lot of pictures and videos.

I hope I could watch the video taken at that time on Jennie’s YouTube channel. Not long ago, I also enjoyed your video, ‘Yeonhui-dong bakery tour vlog’: (smiles) I didn’t expect you to choose your own bread and pay for it.

It was a fun shoot, because I was able to see and buy my favorite bread. If I have a chance next time, I think it would be fun to make it myself too.

It’s been a long time since words like ‘iconic’ and ‘unrivaled’ followed Jennie. What expression do you want people to think of when they hear ‘Jennie’ this year?

It’s an honor to be an inspiration to someone. When I am expressed with such wonderful
modifiers, I naturally feel like I should show them a better self. This year, I hope people can think of me as a little more comfortable and friendly. I will also try to show people that kind of aspect.

In life, there are things that cannot be solved by your own efforts. Sometimes you might feel like the work has already got out of your hands. How do you deal with such a situation?

Even if such a situation comes, I tend to do my best so that I don’t have any regrets. If I can’t
solve it even after doing everything I can, I put meaning into the effort and process and accept the results. Although it might be hard to forget as if nothing happened.

If you have a chance to be alone in a theater with a very large screen, what movie would you like to watch there?

A lot of movies come to my mind. Recently, I watched “Atonement” and thought it would be nice to watch it on a large screen. If I watch it alone in an empty movie theater, I think it will leave a little more lingering.

Jennie’s face has ambivalent charm. Which expression do you like more, ‘mature’ or ‘like a child’? It could be a question about what words you want to be more suitable for.

Both are attractive. Of course, each has its pros and cons. I want to think cool-headedly and act maturely, but I also want to be an innocent and bright person at the same time.

Is there a moment when you realize, “I’ve gotten really close to that person”? What is Jennie’s way of expressing affection?

I’m usually very shy to strangers. But when I get close to someone, I pull a lot of pranks. I
generously take care of them and express affection a lot.

Do you agree with ‘Life is short’? Time flies fast, but sometimes it flows too slowly.

I didn’t feel the usual saying, “Life is short.” But I thought time was going by really fast as I
entered 2022. That’s why I keep making up my mind to do my best without regret every moment.

If you liken ‘these day’s Jennie’ to a color, what color would it be?

I want to choose sky blue. I like sky blue because it is a combination of clear colors. Also I want to be a person with that kind of charm too.

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