ChartsWho’s BLACKPINK? Dominating Music Charts + No.1 on iTunes Chart of 9 Countries

Who’s BLACKPINK? Dominating Music Charts + No.1 on iTunes Chart of 9 Countries

What on earth is BLACKPINK? This catchy new girl group of YG has left a strong impression in the world’s music market upon their debut. BLACKPINK’s debut song topped charts of nine countries including Hong Kong, Finland, and Indonesia, and took the second place on the charts of more than ten countries including New Zealand, Sweden, Vietnam, Turkey, and Singapore (as of August 9 in the morning).

BLACKPINK created sensation in the music scene upon their debut on August 8. Then, within four hours of debut, they swept No.1 on all the on-line music charts in Korea. BLACKPINK’s music videos that look like blockbuster movies as YG music videos always do, are also recording big number of views.

BLACKPINK’s two debut songs are taking the first and second places on charts at the same time and setting unprecedentedly high records that go over the range of statistics collection repeatedly. The power and appeal that BLACKPINK presented on the day of their debut are definitely more exceptional and unprecedented than any other YG rookies.

BLACKPINK drew keen attention by releasing “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH”, the double title tracks of debut single album “SQUARE ONE”, after four years of hard training by YG. They drew attention first by releasing music videos in the showcase held before the release of the album and then, made an official debut by releasing the debut songs.

“WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH” have contrasting feels. While “BOOMBAYAH” with a quick tempo has a cool appeal that goes well with the summer season and intense feel that triggers girl crush, “WHISTLE” has a catchy and dreamlike feel. Sensual scenes of the music videos of the songs also boast unique and sophisticated appeals.

First, “WHISTLE” has a unique atmosphere that is bubbly and exciting but tender like a dream at the same time. It also has YG’s flagship unique feel, which is well expressed by BLACKPINK’s members. Along with the sexy and dreamy mood, exciting and funny expression is outstanding.

ROSÉ’s vocal and JENNIE’s rap in the intro part are impressive. The intro of the song has a very unique and dreamy feel and it is well expressed by ROSÉ’s attractive voice. The voice of JENNIE who is good at both vocal and rap is also impressive. The harmony created by the combination of the four members is catchier than expected. The 808 drum sound makes listeners sing along it over and over again.

The two debut songs of BLACKPINK swept No.1 on the real-time chart of four music-streaming websites within one hour of release. With such record, BLACKPINK made an unprecedentedly successful debut.

ROSÉ said, “I’m nervous as I’ve longed for debut for a long time, but I’ll do my best to show you everything I have learned in good performances on the stage”.

JENNIE said, “I thank people who have waited for us with anticipation for a long time. I’ll do my best to show you BLACKPINK’s unique color. I hope BLACKPINK will be loved by many people”. “I’m so much excited and nervous as I’m finally making debut after a long time of training. BLACKPINK will always show you good performances”, added JISOO.

Then, LISA said, “I’m so excited to make debut with the members with whom I’ve been trained for a long time. I hope many people will love BLACKPINK”.

BLACKPINK is a rookie girl group whose members have been hard-trained by YG for four to six years. The members have already been recognized for their outstanding talent built in the long-time training and collaboration work with YG artists.


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