ChartsBLACKPINK Becomes the First K-Pop Girl Group to Top the U.K. & U.S. Charts

BLACKPINK Becomes the First K-Pop Girl Group to Top the U.K. & U.S. Charts

BLACKPINK too the first place on the ‘Billboard 200’ chart, which is the first in the world as a girl-group ever since 2008.

BLACKPINK also topped UK’s Official Album Chart, becoming the only Asian female artist to top both the biggest music charts in the world. Based on the global music market, topping both chats comes in 21 years since Destiny’s Child in 2001.

Through their agency YG Entertainment on the 26th, BLACKPINK said “It’s an honorable moment our BLINKs made for us. Thank you so much and we love you. We’re really happy that this album, which was completed after so much consideration and effort by many staff, has been reached to the public the way we wanted”.

Members then added, “We really wanted to present BLACKPINK’s upgraded music, and portray our originality during the process of making “BORN PINK”. We’ll do our best to show the best of us in future as well”.

According to a preview article released by U.S. Billboard on the 25th (local time), BLACKPINK’s 2nd full album ‘BORN PINK’ will enter the ‘Billboard 200’ chart as 1st as of October 1st. Not only is this the first as a K-POP female artist, but a record that comes in 14 years and 5 months as a girl-group around the world since Danity Kane back in 2008.

BLACKPINK previously broke their own record of ranking 2nd on UK’s official album chart with their 1st full album on the 24th, by ranking first. Not only is BLACKPINK the only Asian female artist to take over both major charts around the world, but even when considering the overall global market, it’s a record broken in 21 years since Destiny’s Child in 2001.

Major foreign media outlets also reported on their outstanding performance. U.S. Economic Magazine Forbes, said, “BLACKPINK ranking number one on Billboard 200 has a special meaning. They rewrote history”. This shows how BLACKPINK marked their presence clear around the world, going beyond K-POP”. This shows that BLACKPINK has left a clear mark in music history around the world beyond K-pop.

BLACKPINK entered the ‘Billboard 200’ chart at 40th with ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ back in 2018, and kept ranking themselves on the main chart every time they released an album such as their 1st mini-album ‘SQUARE UP’ (40th), 2nd mini-album ‘KILL THIS LOVE (24th)’, and 1st full album ‘THE ALBUM (2nd)’, and gradually made their presence clear.

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